Caravan Alarm

caravan alarms
Your holiday home, boat, camper, campervan or caravan is meant primarily as a place of recreation. You don’t want risks and dangers there. To prevent trouble and to allow you complete relaxation, both during summer and in winter storage, Mobeye has various caravan alarm systems. Easily hung, entirely battery operated and an easy operation.

The GSM water detector reports leakage and water damage and is able for instance to start a water pump. The CombiGuard is both a water, temperature, analogue, and voltage detector; initially designed as boat alarm, but ideal for many more applications. Against fire hazards you select the GSM smoke detector. Completely autonomous it reports fire hazard, both on the spot and by GSM report.

If you have apparatuses, computers or stoves of which you want current supply guaranteed, then detection of power failure is important. The GSM power failure detector passes the report on and is also capable to start emergency procedures. Freezing in winter means risk of broken lines or defect machinery. With the GSM temperature detector you can receive a report of low temperature. Or you use the GSM all-in-one alarm system which is also a burglary alarm system.

Protect your caravan effectively with a wireless, battery operated Mobeye caravan alarm. 

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Showing all 7 results