GSM Communicators

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GSM communicators are designed to ensure alarm communications. Remote monitoring of sensors and devices help to avoid trouble and to save a lot of money by not having to go for inspection. Mobeye GSM communicators for alarm communications detect and report at any time, at any place.

If needed, the GSM communicators do the measurement and reporting fully battery-operated. They can operate completely self-contained for a long time, having active sensors. The built-in GSM communication module will report in the situation of risks. Based on a low power design and built-in batteries the alarm and switch modules are completely self-sufficient. The alarm devices are also suitable for an external power source.

Mobeye GSM Communicators

If you need a module for reporting on activated alarm inputs, you can choose the Mobeye CM2000 (CM-Guard). The Mobeye CM-Guard is a versatile GSM alarming unit appropriate for many applications. Upon an alarm situation the CM-Guard will send alarm messages to the set contact persons. This unit can monitor the power source too, you simple connect a 12VDC power source or power supply adapter to the power input to do so.

Does your application need a device to be switched from remote or after an alarm situation? The Mobeye MS100 series will offer the solution. There is choice between battery-operated versions with a very low power consumption or 9-32VDC versions with the option for a rechargeable battery. The alarm behaviour can be customised by the user. You do not have to be an engineer to do this!

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