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Remote Boat Monitoring Systems

Mobeye products are perfect for cruising and yachting. Mobeye remote boat monitoring and security products keep an eye on your vessel's most important parameters, such as water detection, temperature monitoring, shore power monitoring, fire prevention, and securing your boat against intruders. And even when no external voltage is available, our products function properly. Mobeye products are completely self-contained. The sensors and the integrated telephone dialer run on the supplied batteries.

Yacht monitoring and control systems

Upon arrival at the port or marina, you would like to find your boat in good condition. Ready to sail without any hassle. Mobeye offers practical solutions for on board and ashore. Effective, without complexity.

The Mobeye CombiGuard, also known as the “ShipGuard” (CM4600), was designed specifically for the maritime world. Shore power, temperature, water, battery voltage, and other sensors are all monitored. The Mobeye CML4055 (“BatteryGuard”) provides detailed information about the battery voltage. With a direct alarm for low or high battery voltage and a graph for the entire voltage course. When bilge water is detected at a preset level, the Mobeye WaterGuard-FS CM4300FS alerts you.

Marina Security

The Mobeye Outdoor alarm CMVXI-R is a self-contained wireless PIR outdoor motion sensor alarm. Ideal for (outdoor) places where no electricity or telephone lines are available. The Mobeye Outdoor Alarm can be mounted on a wall, a pole or even a tree and is therefore ideal for securing sloop boats or boats covered with a tarpaulin. To prevent unauthorised access to the marina, install the Mobeye Call-Key access control system at the security gate.


Showing all 7 results