Temperature Monitors

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Mobeye temperature monitors provide reliable temperature monitoring for the cooler, freezer, distillery, medicine storage, etc. As soon as the measured value is outside the set limits, a temperature alarm will be sent via the built-in GSM communicator.

The Mobeye GSM based temperature monitors are equipped with reliable external digital temperature probes. The temperature probes track ambient changes in temperature. The temperature detector then streams the temperature data using GSM or internet. The units are battery-operated. They can be externally powered. In this situation it is possible to always request the current temperature . A power outage will be reported too.

GSM based Temperature Monitoring

The Mobeye ThermoGuard CM2200 has one temperature sensor and alerts to 5 telephone numbers via call and / or SMS.

The ‘CML’ products are able to log the temperature values. The Mobeye CML2255, CML2275 en CML2285 can read two temperatures (second
sensor available as accessory). In addition to alarming, these units can log temperature values with an adjustable interval. The CML2275 and CML2285 have an industrial and waterproof enclosure. The CML2285 has a display to show current temperature values.

Additional functions with the Mobeye Internet Portal

The Mobeye temperature monitoring systems notify (up to) 5 contact persons via call and / or SMS with a regular SIM card. Registration in the Mobeye Internet Portal with a Mobeye SIM card offers additional functions, such as online programming, status updates and a distinction between alarm and technical messages. In the event of an alarm, the contacts receive messages per call, SMS and / or e-mail. The ‘keepalive’ monitor offers extra security by warning when there the test report was not received timely. The CML2255, CML2275 and CML2285 can log temperature values that are displayed in the portal.


The Mobeye temperature monitors are used in medical applications, in the refrigeration, cooling and heat industry, in pharmaceutical applications, the IT sector, vacant buildings and various consumer applications. For sites without power Mobeye wireless temperature monitors offer a solution.

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