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Mobeye alarm units at Changi Airport Singapore

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The AED cabinets at the Singapore Airport are equipped with Mobeye 3G alarm modules. In three terminals of Changi Airport approximately 130 heart defibrillators are present and ready to reanimate travelers and airport staff in case of a heart failure.

The Mobeye GSM technology notifies medical professionals as soon as a passenger or employee of the airport needs a heart defibrillator.

The alert system has various escalation levels and allows a doctor to help the patient as soon as possible. Various test cycles are implemented to ensure the communication.

This month new AED cabinets will be installed in terminal 3. In addition, Mobeye, together with its Singaporean partner, upgraded existing AED cabinets to 3G technology. This had to happen because of the planned phasing out of the local 2G network.

Since the Mobeye technology works autonomously and with an extremely low battery power, the investment for the airport is low.