Mobeye CombiGuard CM2600, boat alarm marine sensors

Mobeye CombiGuard (CM2600) Boat Alarm

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It’s already in the name: the Mobeye CombiGuard CM2600 combines several sensors which are worth to monitor. It includes an external temperature sensor, a water leakage sensor, a power adapter and batteries. The device has two inputs to measure battery voltage or any other sensor. It has an output to (remotely) control a device.

  • Outputs: 1x open collector (200mA)
  • Power input: battery-operated (with option to connect 12VDC power source)
  • Batteries: 2x CR123 (lithium 3,0V) included
  • Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 40 mm

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Mobeye CombiGuard (CM2600) GSM Boat Alarm

The Mobeye CombiGuard CM2600 (also known as Mobeye ShipGuard boat alarm) is a complete monitoring and alarm system. The multi sensor device monitors several values and protects you from environmental hazards. The integrated GSM module sends SMS alerts to the contact persons, followed by a telephone call.

The CM2600 protects your property, such as your boat against the major risks, even if you are not present. The device sends alerts to your phone and informs you about the status of your boat. If no mains power is available it will run independently, using its internal batteries.

Multi sensor detector

The Mobeye CombiGuard (CM2600) is a multi sensor detector. It combines a temperature sensor, water leakage sensor, two inputs for monitoring analogue or potential-free sensors, a 12VDC voltage input and an open collector output. With this multitude of sensors you can monitor leakage, temperature, battery voltage, (shore) power and / or other sensors. As soon as one of the sensors detects an unwanted situation, an alarm will be sent via the built-in GSM.

GSM Boat Alarm

The Mobeye CombiGuard is a complete boat monitoring system. The CombiGuard keeps you informed with an alarm if:

  • lower voltage limits of the battery is exceeded (two batteries can be monitored, each with its own limit);
  • (bilge) water is detected;
  • upper and/or lower temperature limits are exceeded;
  • (shore) power fails.

The CombiGuard can also be used in many other application fields where monitoring of temperature, water and energy supply is important.

How to control the AC with mobile phone

Using its output external devices can be controlled. The CombiGuard thus enables you to use your phone and remote control the AC (Air Conditioner) and other electrics. Imagine driving to your property, you already turn on the fridge, heater or airco by simply calling the CombiGuard. Once arrived, you will find a warm welcome!

An additional input can be used for a sensor or failure signal, for instance if your water pump was activated.

Mobeye CombiGuard CM2600 Boat Alarm: multi sensor alarm

The CombiGuard consists of:

  • base unit
  • external temperature sensor
  • water sensor
  • (230 VDC) adapter
  • batteries

The battery life time is over a year at one GSM message per day (battery operated) or over 2 years at normal use (using an external power supply). You can use a SIM card from any povider. The set-up is easy and is done in just a few steps.

Key features

  • GSM module (quad band)
  • 2 * CR123 batteries
  • 1 * 12VDC input (shore power)
  • 1 * input temperature sensor
  • 1 * input leakage sensor
  • 2 * input battery voltage or NO/NC contact
  • 1 * output (open collector)

Package Contents

  • Main unit with GSM module
  • 2 * CR123 batteries
  • 1 * mains PSU (EU type)
  • 1 * temperature sensor
  • 1 * leakage sensor

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SIM info

The GSM module inside takes any 2G SIM card, The size needs to be “normal”.

Make sure that the SIM card is able to make phone calls and send SMS text message. It is not necessary to have a large bundle.

If you decide to buy a prepaid SIM, be sure that the SIM has been topped on and that the validity is not expiring. By setting a test message with an interval of 30 days, you’re sure the SIM card won’t expire unexpectedly.

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