Mobeye MS100E Telemetry Monitoring System

Brand: Mobeye

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MS100E Alarm & Control unit is a strong telemetry monitoring system for the professional system integrator. Features alarm inputs, relay outputs and a GSM communicator. For alarming, switching devices, remote commands and power failure messages.

  • Inputs: 2x NO/NC inputs
  • Outputs: 2x relays (2mA, 30V)
  • Power input: 9~32VDC (option for rechargeable back-up battery)
  • Batteries: Rechargeable 24 hrs (optional)
  • Dimensions: 145 x 90 x 45 mm
  • Enclosure: IP56

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Mobeye MS100E

The Mobeye MS100E is a GSM telemetry module in which the user can program action-reaction patterns. Activated inputs or the restoration trigger an alarm (SMS and / or call) and control outputs. Even a power failure can cause an alarm or control a device (for this purpose a rechargeable backup battery is needed).

Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC) sensors can be connected to the inputs. Devices can be connected to the relay outputs. An external power source can be connected to the 9-32VDC voltage input or via a mains adapter.

The messages can be sent directly to selected phone numbers through the integrated GSM module.

The Mobeye MS100E operates on 9-32 VDC power, with optional a rechargeable battery pack. Upon failure of power, the GSM module remains open. Remote control is possible.

Setting options

  • programmable action-reaction rules
  • input type (NO / NC), free alarm texts, delays
  • idle time after an alarm, alarm repeat times
  • choice between calling and / or SMS after an alarm
  • behavior and switching of the outputs
  • authorisation numbers for remote control of outputs
  • timed actions, interval test reports

Mobeye MS100 Series

Mobeye MS100 is a series of powerful telemetry modules in four models with internal GSM module, digital inputs, relay outputs and a multitude of settings. The MS100 series is available in the following versions:

  • The MS100E runs on external power. A rechargeable battery is available as an accessory. For back-up power a (rechargeable) battery can be used (available as accessory). During a power failure the GSM module remains open, which makes the unit approachable from remote.
  • The MS100EK features a keypad for operating and programming. Otherwise equal to MS100E.
  • The MS100B runs on the four supplied CR123 batteries. When only batteries are used, the unit runs in low power mode, which makes the battery life time > 1 year at a daily message. An external power supply can be used. When external power is available, the GSM module remains open, which makes the unit approachable from remote.
  • The MS100BK features a keypad for operating and programming. Otherwise equal to MS100B.

Typical Applications

The GSM telemetry modules in the MS100 series are powerful measure, control and alarm modules which are ready-to-use thanks to the default settings. For advanced system integrators they offer extensive customisation options. The modules are suitable for many measure, control and alarm applications in the industry, agricultural, medical, construction, automotive and marine branch.

Key Features

  • 9-32VDC input
  • 2 * NO / NC inputs
  • 2 relay outputs (30V / 2A)
  • quadband GSM module
  • SMS and / or call to contact persons after alarm and alarm restoration
  • “Battery low” SMS and test reports
  • up to 5 contact numbers
  • free recognition and alarm texts
  • alarm delay times
  • adjustable interval of test reports
  • SIM card required
  • RoHS


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SIM Info

This unit operates with a SIM card of any provider. The SIM card needs to be compatible for 2G and has the “normal” size.

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