Mobeye MS200 GSM Temperature Detector

Mobeye MS200 GSM Temperature Alarm

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The Mobeye MS200 is a versatile GSM module to send alarm messages upon a violation of a preset upper or lower temperature limit. The module will generate alert messages (SMS text messages and phone calls) and is able to switch devices via the two relays outputs.

During a power failure, the MS200 will use its back-up batteries to continue the operation and inform the contact persons.

  • Inputs: 1x digital temperature input, 2x NO/NC inputs
  • Outputs: 2x relays (2mA, 30V)
  • Temperature range: -10 to +50 degrees Celsius (ambient temperature)
  • Power input: battery-operated or 9~32VDC
  • Batteries: 4x CR123 (lithium, 3,0V) included
  • Dimensions: 145 x 90 x 45 mm
  • Enclosure: IP56

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Mobeye MS200 GSM Temperature Detector

The Mobeye MS200 GSM Temperature Detector is a versatile GSM module to send alarm messages upon a violation of a preset upper or lower temperature limit. The temperature detector and controle module enables the user to receive reports on temperature deviations and to have actions executed directly. Thus the unit may be used as a temperature detector and as a thermostat.

The Mobeye MS200 measures the ambient temperature continuously. When the temperature falls below or exceeds the set temperature values, the unit sends alarm messages. The built-in GSM module calls and sends SMS messages to the contact persons (max. 5).

The Mobeye GSM Temperature Detector measures the temperature and compares it with the programmed value. The user may adjust the temperature limits himself and indicate the detectors’ reactions on limit transgressions.

The temperature sensor has a cable length of 100 centimeters. Use the Mobeye extension cables (2,5m or 10m) to extend the cable length or to get a flat cable.

The Mobeye MS200 is a powered GSM temperature detector + battery back-up.


  • temperature alarm reports by SMS or telephone call
  • repeat reports after personally selected period
  • reinstatement reports by SMS and/or call
  • switching of the output relays on alarm (on/off or time period)
  • switching of the output relays at a distance by call or SMS
  • switching of the output relays on reinstatement report (on/off or time period)
  • test reports on selected frequency
  • power failure alarm
  • programming at a distance
  • The reports can be transmitted to selected telephone numbers.

Typical Applications for the Mobeye MS200

The Mobeye MS200 is typically used in settings where the output relays are necessary to switch devices.

One of the MS200’s typical applications is to use it as frost monitoring and remote control for the heater. In a holiday home for instance; in order to prevent frost damage the MS200 can switch on the heater in case the temperature gets below a certain level. As soon as the temperature is restored to the set value the heater will switch off. And for your comfort you can switch the heater remotely, to arrive in a warm house.

The MS200 can also be used as thermostat to control the heater and to send a low temperature alarm if the environmental temperature gets below the set limit. The MS200E controls the ambient temperature by switching the heater on and off, just to reach the set temperature. If something is wrong with the heater and the temperature gets below a critical value, the set contact persons will receive a notification.

Typical applications for the MS200 GSM Temperature Alarm with thermostat function include:

  • cold storage buildings
  • freezers
  • horticulture
  • server rooms
  • holiday houses
  • campers and caravans
  • boats
  • etc.

Key features

  • dimensions: 90 x 145 x 45 mm
  • battery life > 2 year (4x CR123)
  • environment temperature -10 C – +55 C
  • 2 output relays
  • Quad band EGSM 900/1800- 950/1900 MHz
  • Programming: via SMS or keypad
  • Operation: via keypad

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SIM info

The GSM module inside takes any 2G SIM card, The size needs to be “normal”.

Make sure that the SIM card is able to make phone calls and send SMS text message. It is not necessary to have a large bundle.

If you decide to buy a prepaid SIM, be sure that the SIM has been topped on and that the validity is not expiring. By setting a test message with an interval of 30 days, you’re sure the SIM card won’t expire unexpectedly.

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