Mobeye Thermoguard Twinlog CML2275

Mobeye ThermoGuard TwinLog (CML2275)

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The Mobeye ThermoGuard TwinLog CML2275 monitors the environmental temperature, sends warning if the temperature exceeds the set limits and is able to log the temperature values in self-defined intervals. Can run on external power or completely battery-operated.

  • Inputs: 2x digital temperature input
  • Outputs: 1x open collector (200mA)
  • Temperature range: -35 to +70 degrees Celsius (sensor)
  • Power input: battery-operated (with option to connect 12VDC power source)
  • Batteries: 2x CR123 (lithium 3,0V) included, optional: battery pack (battery life 4 yrs)
  • Dimensions: 162 x 82 x 55 mm
  • Enclosure: IP66

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Mobeye ThermoGuard TwinLog (CML2275)

The CML2275 Mobeye Thermoguard TwinLog is a temperature monitor system in industrial enclosure with the functions of measuring, alerting and logging of temperatures. The alarm limits for temperature are adjustable, as are the log intervals. Standard equipped with a temperature sensor, a second sensor is optional. The unit measures the temperature, sends alarm notifications and – if desired – logs the temperature values on a server. Through the internet these values are readable and can be downloaded. By connecting external voltage, it sends an alert message at power outages.

The CML2275 has two potential-free inputs, for example, to monitor the door of the cooling with a magnet contact. This makes it possible to send an alarm if the door remains open for longer a specified delay time.

The Mobeye ThermoGuard TwinLog CML2275 has an internal piezo siren for a local alarm indication and one output for an alarm light, loud siren or to control a device.

Logging, alarming and reporting for the industry

Mobeye CML2275The Mobeye ThermoGuard TwinLog, CML2275, is a solid and compact unit for monitoring temperatures in industrial, pharmaceutical, retail, and other professional environments.

Through the built-in GSM module the CML2275 can run completely independent of the local infrastructure, if necessary, even a year on the supplied batteries (depending on log sync interval). If the unit is not connected to the Internet portal, it operates stand-alone with its own SIM card. The alarm functions are active. To program the unit simple SMS messages need to be sent. To enable the log functions the unit is first registered in the Mobeye Internet portal using the included SIM card. The programming can be done over the internet. The portal offers a simple user interface with a good view of the temperature gradient, logged values, alarm events and set contacts.

The delivery is including batteries, excluding mains adapter. A suitable external power supply is the country-specific Mobeye 500mA 12VDC adapter, available with EU power socket, UK power socket and USA power socket.

Typical applications for the Mobeye ThermoGuard TwinLog (CML2275) include:

  • medicine storage
  • laboratoria
  • food storage
  • ingredients storage
  • distilleries
  • ICT server room
  • stores
  • agriculture
  • industrial processes

Need a display? The ThermoGuard TwinLog CML2285 is equipped with a display to read the actual temperature value(s).


Key features

  • Logging of and alerting on temperature values
  • industrial enclosure, IP66
  • dimensions: 162 x 82 x 55 mm
  • adjustable min./max. limits
  • measurement limits: between -35 and +70 degrees Celsius
  • log frequency adjustable (1 … 9999 minutes)
  • adjustable interval data transfer (1-999 hours)
  • memory: 10,000 temperature readings per sensor
  • cable length Sensor: 1 meter, extension possible (Mobeye article AC-EC1)
  • 2 * NO / NC input
  • 1 open collector output
  • piezo siren
  • operates on 12V DC or battery powered
  • option for mains adapter
  • SMS and / or call at alarm and recovery
  • “Battery low” SMS and test reports
  • free recognition and alarm texts
  • alarm delay times
  • actual temperature in test report
  • included: 2x CR123 Lithium
  • stand-alone: own SIM card; I.c.m. Mobeye Internet Portal: via included SIM card
  • RoHS compliant

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SIM info

Choose for comfort and use the Mobeye alarm system stand-alone or in combination with the Mobeye Internet Portal.
The all-in-one GSM alarm system sends alarm messages to the set contact persons.
The Mobeye alarm system can also be linked to the Mobeye Internet Portal. For a reasonable fee you have a SIM card, flat fee and a management tool for your Mobeye devices.

Choice 1: use your own SIM card and deploy the Mobeye alarm system “stand-alone”

  • Works with a SIM card of any network operator, which you arrange yourself.
  • Upon an alarm, the Mobeye system calls and/or sends SMS alerts to the set telephone numbers.
  • At low battery voltage, the telephone number at the first position receives a warning SMS alert.
  • The alarm system can send SMS ‘test messages’ periodically, to the telephone number at the first position.

Choice 2: activate the Mobeye SIM card and link your device to the Mobeye Internet Portal
By using the supplied Mobeye SIM card and registering the Mobeye device in the internet portal, numerous features are added:

  • A SIM card that always chooses the best network available (provider independent).
  • flat-fee costs.
  • Management of identification and location via the portal.
  • Upon an alarm, the Mobeye system instantly calls the (max. 5) set telephone numbers.
  • The message is sent to the portal as well; the portal matches the identification and locations and dispatches the message to the ‘alarm’ contact persons as SMS text message and/or email.
  • Periodically the Mobeye alarm system sends test messages (‘keep alive’) to the portal. If these are not timely received, a ‘warning’ SMS and/or email is sent to the ‘service’ contact persons.
  • At low battery voltage, a ‘warning’ SMS and/or email is sent to the ‘technical’ contact persons.
  • The portal shows the settings and historical data.

Do you want to use the Mobeye SIM card but it was not included in your box? Ask the MobeyeStore team to supply one by filling out the contact form!

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