Mobeye WaterGuard with float sensor CM2300FS

Mobeye WaterGuard with Float Switch (CM2300FS)

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The Mobeye WaterGuard-FS is a battery-powered GSM water detector. It may also work on 12VDC (or AC adapter). The water sensor activates by water-based liquids and reports this to the set telephone numbers (max. 5). The GSM module sends a text message and / or call.

  • Inputs: 1x NO/NC input
  • Power input: battery-operated (with option to connect 12VDC power source)
  • Batteries: 2x CR123 (lithium 3,0V) included
  • Temperature range: -10 to +50 degrees Celsius (ambient temperature)
  • Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 40 mm
  • Enclosure: IP44

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Mobeye WaterGuard with Float Switch (CM2300FS)

Mobeye WaterGuard CM2300FS float switch alarm is a battery-powered water level detector, reporting water floods via telephone call and SMS message.

Alerting on a certain water level can be very convenient and helps to avoid trouble. The Mobeye WaterGuard-FS can alert you when the water rises or drops below a certain level. As soon as the sensor probes detect any water based fluid, the wireless float switch alarm will send an alert via telephone call and SMS message.

Float Switch Alarm

The Mobeye CM2300FS is a battery-powered water detector. This detector operates completely autonomously by the built-in GSM module and battery. It may also work on 12VDC (or AC adapter). The float switch closes (or opens) by water-based liquids and reports this to the set telephone numbers (max. 5). The GSM module sends a text message and / or call.

The float switch alarm unit can also be used in reverse to inform when water level drops below the switch.

In addition to the float sensor one more external sensor can be connected. This additional input may be set to “normally closed” or “normally open”. This allows each sensor with a dry contact, for example, a second float level switch.

Although the Mobeye WaterGuard is designed for low power consumption and operates more than a year on one set of batteries, it is also possible to connect the module to an external power source. Through a (regulated 500mA) adapter the module can run on the regular power supply. In case of a power outage the back-up batteries take over the operation. If desired, power outages are reported as an alarm message.

A Mobeye SIM card is included (Mobeye M2M for connection to the Mobeye Internet Portal). Alternatively any other SIM card can be used.

Typical applications for the Mobeye WaterGuard CM2300FS include:

  • construction areas
  • water tanks
  • ponds
  • well monitoring
  • drainage systems
  • boats


Users reported to be happy to use the WaterGuard-FS in the water tank of their holiday homes, at the Spanish islands. Before they had a contract with the water company, to supply new water weekly to be sure that the tanks are alway full enough. Using the Mobeye WaterGuard it is the WaterGuard that calls the water company automatically when the water drops below the minimum level. This saves lots of money and increases the reliability of the presence of water.

Construction sites often build below the ground water level. This means that water pumps need to pump until the ground floor has been closed. Practice proves that the pumps can fail and unfortunately this can cause a lot of damage. It is so easy to install a WaterGuard with float sensor just above the sensor of the pump. Once the pumps falls out and the water rises, the contact persons receive a warning per telephone. This already saved a lot of trouble for our customers.

Many reports we received from boat owners, who told that the WaterGuard prevented their boat from sinking.  Problems with the discharge of bilge water and too much rain were mentioned as main reasons. A simple alert system informed the owner to take action.


The WaterGuard is also available with water leak sensor.  For advanced system integrators the Mobeye MS300 GSM Water Detector offers extensive customisation options.


Key features

  • water float sensor
  • sensor cable length: 2 meters, can be extended with a copper wire
  • second NO / NC input
  • operates on 12V DC or battery powered
  • SMS and / or call for emergency or recovery
  • “Battery low” SMS and test reports
  • up to 5 contact numbers
  • free recognition and alarm texts
  • alarm delay times
  • quad band GSM module
  • included: 2 x CR123 lithium
  • SIM card included (Mobeye M2M for connection to Mobeye Internet Portal; alternatively an own SIM can be used
  • RoHS compliant

Click to open the documents and find more information:

SIM info

Choose for comfort and use the Mobeye alarm system stand-alone or in combination with the Mobeye Internet Portal.
The all-in-one GSM alarm system sends alarm messages to the set contact persons.
The Mobeye alarm system can also be linked to the Mobeye Internet Portal. For a reasonable fee you have a SIM card, flat fee and a management tool for your Mobeye devices.

Choice 1: use your own SIM card and deploy the Mobeye alarm system “stand-alone”

  • Works with a SIM card of any network operator, which you arrange yourself.
  • Upon an alarm, the Mobeye system calls and/or sends SMS alerts to the set telephone numbers.
  • At low battery voltage, the telephone number at the first position receives a warning SMS alert.
  • The alarm system can send SMS ‘test messages’ periodically, to the telephone number at the first position.

Choice 2: activate the Mobeye SIM card and link your device to the Mobeye Internet Portal
By using the supplied Mobeye SIM card and registering the Mobeye device in the internet portal, numerous features are added:

  • A SIM card that always chooses the best network available (provider independent).
  • flat-fee costs.
  • Management of identification and location via the portal.
  • Upon an alarm, the Mobeye system instantly calls the (max. 5) set telephone numbers.
  • The message is sent to the portal as well; the portal matches the identification and locations and dispatches the message to the ‘alarm’ contact persons as SMS text message and/or email.
  • Periodically the Mobeye alarm system sends test messages (‘keep alive’) to the portal. If these are not timely received, a ‘warning’ SMS and/or email is sent to the ‘service’ contact persons.
  • At low battery voltage, a ‘warning’ SMS and/or email is sent to the ‘technical’ contact persons.
  • The portal shows the settings and historical data.

Do you want to use the Mobeye SIM card but it was not included in your box? Ask the MobeyeStore team to supply one by filling out the contact form!

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