What is Mobeye?

MobeyeStore is Official Dealer of Mobeye alarm and security products. 

What is Mobeye

Mobeye is a Dutch manufacturer of GSM alarm and security products. The company is specialised in innovative GSM alarm and telemetry technology with a focus on extreme low power consumption. Mobeye products stand for simplicity and reliability. Combining innovative technology and users’ convenience Mobeye alarm systems are suitable for a wide range of applications.mobeye

Product Assortment

Our product assortment consists of all-in-one GSM alarm systems, monitoring units with built-in GSM, (tele)control units, access control and GSM telemetry modules.

Mobeye manufactures end products under the ‘Mobeye brand’ and makes customer specific solutions. The alarm systems can be used in all countries using the 2G GSM frequencies.

MobeyeStore sells end products. We have all products in stock. Unsure what device you need for your application? Send us a message via the contact page, so we can recommend the best product to suit your situation.

Do you have a specific question for which standard solutions are not suitable or do you need a solution tailored to your specific situation? Please contact us via mobeye.com.

Dutch Design

All products are designed and built in The Netherlands to a market leading quality standard.

Our products have won multiple awards. The products are distributed worldwide across various sectors, including police, medical branch and industry. The alarm and security systems are used by professional users and consumers. The in-house Research and Development team designs and develops customer specific products on request.

The devices are prepared for stand-alone use and for use in combination with the IoT Internet Portal. It is your choice. Apply for the Mobeye SIM card if you want to use it with the portal. The flat fee is lower than a regular SIM contract. The costs will be charged after a succesful registration in the portal.

Mobeye products help people to secure, monitor and remotely control their property, belongings and appliances.

It is our mission to provide comfort and safety to our customers.