Remote monitoring via 4G

The simple solution for identifying basement flooding

Mobeye’s water detectors are an essential addition to safeguard your space. With the increasing instances of heavy rainfall this year, your basement could be at risk. Don’t wait for water damage – invest in proactive protection with Mobeye today.

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Mobeye Frost Alert

The Mobeye Night Frost Alert CM4200X serves as a dependable aid for fruit growers and gardeners in safeguarding their crops from freeze damage.

In spring, the temperature detector issues a timely warning of impending night frost. Once the pre-set temperature threshold is reached, the Mobeye Frost Alert promptly wakes you up by phone.

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Welcome to MobeyeStore

Our product range features high-quality 4G LTE-M / 2G alarm and telemetry devices. Mobeye’s smart IoT products are designed to enhance security, safety, and comfort by remotely monitoring properties, valuables, and appliances. Mobeye products are renowned for their user-friendly design and reliability.

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Our measuring, reporting, and control systems have a wide range of applications. Almost all measured values have sensors that can be monitored by Mobeye devices, even when there is no power supply. Our 4G/2G alarm and monitoring products are utilised across various industries worldwide, including law enforcement, industry professionals, and consumers. All products are designed to consume minimal power, allowing them to be powered by batteries or a solar panel. It is advantageous to connect an external voltage if available. Additionally, the system can report power failures. All products can optionally be linked to the Mobeye Internet Portal, enhancing the functionality, usability, and reliability of the product.

Mobeye SIM card
Every Mobeye monitoring device requires a SIM card for communication. With every order, you receive an M2M SIM card that you can use cost-effectively* and that immediately provides the added benefits of the Mobeye Internet Portal, the online web app. You can also use your own SIM card.

Need a bespoke solution?
Our online store exclusively offers finished products. Do you have a specific question for which standard solutions are insufficient, or do you require a tailor-made solution for your unique situation? Our company has an in-house R&D team that can create custom products upon request from customers. Please contact us via

* Prices are based on a flat fee for Europe (fair use).