Shed Alarms

shed alarm
Tools, household effects, your valuable bicycle or old-timer. Theft from a shed, garage, storage location or outbuildings can have nasty consequences. The best shed alarms are wireless and battery powered, simply because power supply is not always available. The Mobeye battery operated GSM shed alarm is the ideal solution to secure and protect your shed, garage, log cabin, workshop or outbuildings. Our PIR security alarms add additional security to, e.g., your bike shed or motorcycle garage.

Mobeye alarms are wireless and 100% battery powered with a run time of 12 months on a pair of batteries. The Argos is built upon the success of the i110, with added features. As soon as the motion sensor detects a movement, the built-in GSM dialler will send alarm messages. Besides, the user can opt for a silent or loud alarm. Both models will also send you a SMS text message when the batteries are getting low. Because of the long battery life, the built-in GSM selector and the motion sensor, intruders can be detected now. And with a good follow-up of the report your belongings are safe from now on.

Secure your valuable items with a Mobeye battery powered wireless shed alarm

But also for other menaces around your storage Mobeye products offer help. Our selection of temperature monitoring systems notify you immediately when your valuable cold storage and frozen inventory are at risk. For detection of water leakage Mobeye water detectors are available. MobeyeStore also provides smoke detectors for sheds, log cabins and outbuildings. GSM fire alarms immediately detect and report smoke or fire by SMS.

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Showing all 9 results