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Wireless Garage & Shed Alarm

If you’re looking to fortify the security of your shed, garage, or outbuildings, consider the effectiveness of a wireless garage and shed alarm. These valuable spaces often house tools, household items, bicycles, or even cherished vintage vehicles, making them potential targets for burglars. Protecting your belongings is paramount, and the best shed alarms are those that are wireless and battery-powered. This is especially crucial because a reliable power source isn’t always readily available.

No Wi-Fi Needed: Mobeye Shed Alarms with SIM Cards

Enter the Mobeye battery-operated GSM shed alarm – the ultimate solution for safeguarding your shed, garage, log cabin, workshop, or outbuildings. Mobeye alarms are not only wireless but also operate on 100% battery power, ensuring uninterrupted protection for up to an impressive 12 months on just a pair of batteries. What’s more, Mobeye shed alarms equipped with SIM cards eliminate the need for a Wi-Fi connection, making them highly versatile and accessible.

Enhance Security with a Wireless Garage & Shed Alarm

The advantages of a Mobeye battery-powered wireless shed alarm extend beyond theft protection. Mobeye’s range of temperature monitoring systems can promptly alert you when your valuable cold storage or frozen inventory is at risk. Additionally, Mobeye water detectors offer reliable water leakage detection, preventing potential damage. For enhanced safety in these storage spaces, Mobeye 2G / 4G fire alarms are available to swiftly detect and report smoke or fire incidents via SMS, making them an ideal addition for sheds, log cabins, and outbuildings.

Comprehensive Security Solutions for Sheds and More

Choose Mobeye to secure your valuable items and provide comprehensive protection for your shed and other storage spaces. With their wireless and battery-powered shed alarms, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safeguarded from theft and a range of other potential dangers.

Showing all 6 results