Mobeye Messages App


The Mobeye Messages App introduces an innovative approach to receiving alarm messages. All Mobeye 4G devices utilising the Mobeye SIM card and Internet Portal service provide support for full alarm acknowledgement, group messaging, escalation plans, and calling as a fallback feature. You can download the Mobeye Messages app for your iPhone or Android Phone for free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Key Features

Key features of the Mobeye Messages app are:

  • Alarm and service messages
  • Confirmation messages
  • Choice between “group message” or “escalation” (custom order)
  • Event history and settings (for the manager)
  • Works in conjunction with Mobeye devices and the Mobeye Internet Portal

Push Notifications

Mobeye App

A push notification is a method of communication between a Mobeye device and its user. Push notifications are utilised to convey information in real-time. A push notification is transmitted instantly to a mobile device, regardless of whether the device is locked or unlocked.

The Mobeye Messages App receives push notifications from Mobeye devices. Any critical situation is alerted to you with a clear alarm sound (volume is adjustable). The App also offers a vibrate option. You can confirm these messages so that everyone who received the alert is aware of the situation.

An app message can be sent as a group message (to all contacts at once) or via an escalation plan (where a “confirmation” prevents the app message from being forwarded to the next contact). In the absence of confirmations from anyone, or in the event of a technical failure, the fallback calls will be initiated.

If no in-app message is configured for a contact but a call is, the call will always be initiated, irrespective of whether others receive an in-app message.

If SMS and/or email configurations are in place for a contact, messages will be sent unfailingly, irrespective of whether a push message has been configured.

You have direct access to all your Mobeye device’s settings and history via the App.

Download the Mobeye App

The App is available for iOS (e.g. Apple iPhone) and Android (e.g. Samsung, Huawei) smartphones. You can download the App for free from the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store. Search for ‘Mobeye messages’ or click the relevant button below.

Mobeye Messages App available in App Store
Mobeye Messages App available on Google Play