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Smart farming with Mobeye farmer alarm for agriculture security

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Smart Farming with Mobeye Agriculture Alarms

Smart farming is an important step towards sustainable agriculture. Farmers are among the most innovative professions. They have a long-term focus and dare to use new technologies for smart farming. Mobeye offers practical solutions with understandable and reliable monitoring and alarm tools. Effective and affordable.

Smart farming involves the integration of information and communication technologies into machines, equipment and sensors for use in agricultural systems. Mobeye's alarm and monitoring systems are ideal for use in the context of smart agricultural technologies.

Smart sprinkler controller

What about irrigation in dry periods? On dry days, the irrigation system irrigates the field while the farmer does his work. When the driving sprinkler comes to the end, it is the Mobeye CM-Guard (CM4000), combined with a magnetic contact, that warns the farmer. The farmer just gets a call when it's time to move the sprinkler system. In addition, the CM-Guard sends a message to an MS100 unit at the pump, to switch it off automatically. This prevents the land from getting too wet.

Night frost alert

In the spring, fruit growers and orchardists should avoid serious frost damage to orchards and vineyards. By switching on irrigation systems and wind machines, a layer of water protects the blossom against frost. The Mobeye Frost Alert provides continuous temperature monitoring and warns the farmer or orcharder when the temperature becomes too low. This battery-powered alarm system calls and/or sends text messages to self-defined telephone numbers as soon as the temperature falls below the critical limit.

Farm driveway alarm

Unfortunately, a farm and its contents are vulnerable to theft, whether it is of equipment, plants, fuel, or livestock. The Mobeye Outdoor Detector CMVXI-R is a highly reliable farm security system that monitors a wide area in an open field, farm driveway, yard, or other outdoor area, hall, or stable. This standalone device does not require a base station or control panel and can be used anywhere.

Temperature monitors from Mobeye are ideal for monitoring your greenhouse, barn, or stable. To monitor water levels in farm wells, we recommend using the Mobeye WaterGuard-FS. The Mobeye PowerGuard is a simple and inexpensive device for monitoring power outages.

The future of agriculture is here with Mobeye smart farming technologies.

Showing all 8 results