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Smart farming with Mobeye farmer alarm for agriculture security

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Smart Farming with Mobeye Agriculture Alarms

Embracing smart farming practices is a pivotal stride towards achieving sustainability in agriculture. Farmers, known for their innovation and long-term vision, are increasingly adopting cutting-edge technologies to enhance their farming processes. Mobeye offers practical, reliable, and easily accessible monitoring and alarm solutions, making smart farming both effective and affordable.

Smart farming involves the integration of information and communication technologies into machinery, equipment, and sensors used in agricultural systems. Mobeye’s alarm and monitoring systems are tailor-made for seamless integration into the realm of smart agricultural technologies.

Smart Sprinkler Controller

How do we manage irrigation during dry periods? On arid days, while the farmer carries on with their work, the irrigation system tends to the fields. When the mobile sprinkler system nears the end of its course, the Mobeye CM-Guard (CM4000), equipped with a magnetic contact, promptly alerts the farmer. This system ensures that the farmer receives a timely notification to reposition the sprinkler system.

In spring, fruit growers and orchardists face the challenge of protecting orchards and vineyards from frost damage. By activating irrigation systems and wind machines, a protective layer of water shields blossoms from frost. The Mobeye Frost Alert system provides continuous temperature monitoring and immediately notifies the farmer or orchardist if the temperature falls below a critical threshold. This battery-powered alarm system can make phone calls and send text messages to pre-defined phone numbers when temperatures become dangerously low.

Farm Driveway Alarm

Regrettably, farms and their valuable assets remain vulnerable to theft, including equipment, crops, fuel, and livestock. The Mobeye Outdoor Detector CMVXI-R serves as a highly dependable farm security system, effectively monitoring extensive areas such as open fields, farm driveways, yards, halls, stables, and other outdoor spaces. This standalone device operates autonomously without the need for a base station or control panel and can be deployed flexibly across various locations.

Mobeye temperature monitors prove indispensable for maintaining optimal conditions in greenhouses, barns, and stables. To monitor water levels in farm wells, the Mobeye WaterGuard-FS is recommended. Meanwhile, for monitoring power outages, the Mobeye PowerGuard offers a simple and cost-effective solution.

The future of agriculture is here with Mobeye smart farming technologies.

Showing all 7 results