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Shop for Mobeye products and accessories based on your application and needs. MobeyeStore brings together products and solutions that will help you to tackle your specific safety or security problem.

Mobeye products are used by both discerning consumers and professionals from various sectors, including government, industry, safety, security and health sectors. The common denominator is the protection of people, animals, goods, property and the environment. Mobeye users understand the importance of accurate, reliable and timely information. Especially in situations where remote monitoring of hazards and threats is necessary.

Finding the best product that suits your situation can be difficult. In order to make the choice easier for you, we have sorted our products by application. Please click each application field for a list of related products.

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We realise that this list of applications is not complete at all. It is practically impossible to list all applications, as Mobeye products are extremely versatile and can literally be used ‘anywhere, anytime’. Help us improve our Shop By Application navigation by sending us your ideas and recommendations. We are always pleased to hear stories from our customers about the innovative ways they use their Mobeye product to tackle specific problems.

Get inspired by Mobeye application sheets

There are innumerous examples of applications for Mobeye products. Some of them are set out in “application sheets”. Download the documents to learn more about how Mobeye products are used in many industries and sectors and for innumerous applications around the world. You can find the documents at