Empty Property Security

empty property security

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Empty Property Security Systems

Many properties that are targeted for burglary, theft, and vandalism are usually empty, void, or undergoing renovations in preparation for sale or the next tenant. Mobeye’s empty property security systems protect empty buildings against squatters, thieves, arsonists, and other vandals.

Mobeye wireless battery-powered 2G/4G alarms are intended to protect vacant property from a variety of threats, such as unauthorised access and fire. And above all, the compact systems run on a single set of batteries. For over a year!

Vacant property security

If a building is vacant for an extended period of time, it is prudent to consider empty property security. However, disconnected services pose a problem for site security because most conventional intruder alarm systems require a permanent connection to the electrical grid. Deploying permanent guards to secure vacant buildings is too expensive. The Mobeye all-in-one wireless alarm system on batteries is the solution for securing vacant buildings. Mobeye wireless alarms monitor your property remotely.

Empty property security systems by Mobeye

Mobeye systems are often used for temporary security of vacant properties, as they are portable and can be easily moved to the next property to be secured, whether that be another vacant property or a renovation project. No installation work is required for the use of Mobeye alarm systems; they are immediately operational and extremely easy to operate. Mobeye alarms are flexible, as they do not require Wi-Fi or a telephone contract. All you need is a SIM card.

Each Mobeye device can pass on notifications to an ARC/PAC, possibly in addition to notifications to its own contacts.

Showing all 8 results