Mobeye MiniPir Container Alarm iCM41C

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The Mobeye MiniPir Container Alarm iCM41C is a self-contained alarm system powered by a set of batteries and equipped with a built-in 4G/2G communication module. The iCM41C features an external antenna, making it suitable for use in metal containers or areas with weak network signal strength. Incl. 2 tags.

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Communication module

4G LTE-M, 2G Fallback


2x NO/NC inputs

Power input

battery-operated (with option to connect 12-24 VDC)


2x CR123 (lithium 3,0V) included


94 x 94 x 28 mm

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Mobeye MiniPir Container Alarm iCM41C

The Mobeye MiniPir Container Alarm iCM41C is a highly effective security solution for safeguarding your valuable possessions. This self-contained alarm system operates on a reliable battery power source and features an integrated 4G/2G communication module. With the added advantage of an external mushroom antenna equipped with a generous 2.5-meter cable, the iCM41C is ideally suited for deployment in metal containers or areas with limited network signal strength. Mobeye iCM41C is the container version of the Mobeye MiniPir Intruder Alarm iCM41.

The Mobeye iCM41C guarantees prompt notification delivery in the event of an intrusion or temperature alarm, offering you peace of mind and security for your assets. Mobeye’s Container Alarm is your dependable choice for protection and real-time alerts.

Container Alarm

mobeye minipir intruder alarm with app functionShipping containers find versatile applications beyond maritime transport. They serve as highly practical solutions for temporary office spaces and secure storage of supplies and equipment. Yet, when deployed in parking lots or remote locations, they can become susceptible to break-ins. Lock boxes and padlocks can deter unauthorised access, but they cannot guarantee complete theft prevention for your container. In such cases, investing in a shipping container alarm system emerges as the optimal security solution.

To ensure good mobile network strength, the iCM41C has an external antenna that should be placed outside the metal container. In the event of a break-in the Mobeye iCM41C reports by push message, call, SMS text message and/or email.

Passive Infrared Sensor

The Mobeye iCM41C Container Alarm responds to movements. As soon as the container is opened and the passive infrared movement sensor is triggered by a movement or air wave, the system will send a notification to the contact persons.


The Mobeye iCM41C is extremely energy efficient and runs for more than a year on a set of batteries. You will receive a message if these need to be replaced.

Easy Set-Up in Four Simple Steps

  1. Register an account on the Mobeye Internet Portal
  2. Activate the Mobeye SIM card for your device
  3. Designate the contact persons
  4. Install the Mobeye Messages App on the phones of the designated contacts

Common Uses for the Mobeye MiniPir Container Alarm iCM41C

  • Container Alarmto secure metal storage containers
    e.g. storage alarm for equipment on the construction sites, storage location alarm, shipping container alarm
  • to protect small metal objects
    e.g. electricity and power houses
  • to use in situations where the mobile network is weak
    e.g. construction sites (indoor), void property

Product details

  • Detection area PIR: about 5 meters
  • Application: indoor
  • Antenna cable length: 250 cm
  • Battery life time: one year (at normal use)
  • Mobeye SIM/Portal: required (EUR 4 / month, flat fee)


Click to open the documents and find more information:

SIM, Portal & App

All Mobeye monitoring devices necessitate a SIM card for communication. The product is bundled with a budget-friendly SIM card, offering prompt access to the Mobeye Internet portal. Alternatively, you have the flexibility to use your own SIM card.

The Mobeye M2M SIM card provides the device with full functionality, allowing access to the Mobeye Internet Portal and App.

With the Mobeye SIM card, communication occurs over the 4G LTE-M network with 2G as a fallback. When you insert your own SIM card, the device utilises the 2G network. Alarm messages are then transmitted via SMS and/or call to a maximum of 5 telephone numbers.

The Mobeye SIM card is PIN-protected and exclusively functions in a Mobeye device. Please refrain from inserting it into another device. For further information about the Mobeye SIM card, visit: The rate for utilising the Mobeye Internet Portal and the SIM card can be found at

Free App for your Smartphone
The Mobeye Messages app is available for download from the Google Play (Android) and Apple App Stores (iOS).

Would you like to use the Mobeye SIM card, but it was not included in your package? Please contact the MobeyeStore team to request one by completing the contact form.


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