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Access Control

Access control is a precise and essential method for regulating the entry of individuals into various locations. This applies to a diverse range of people, including employees, contractors, or visitors, and accommodates various modes of arrival, such as walking, driving, or utilising alternative means of transportation. The locations themselves may vary, encompassing entire sites, buildings, specific rooms, or even individual cabinets.

What is an access control system?

An access control system serves as a highly sophisticated electronic security solution. It operates by granting authorised individuals access to designated areas through the use of an identifier.

Beyond its primary security function, this system offers the invaluable advantage of collecting detailed data. It meticulously records entries, providing you with comprehensive information about who gained access, where they entered, and precisely when they did so.

Incorporating access control systems into your security infrastructure not only safeguards your premises but also empowers you with insightful data, enabling a more informed understanding of how your buildings and sites are utilised. This invaluable information aids in enhancing security and optimising access management.

The Mobeye Call-Key is a user-friendly, reliable and secure access control system for buildings with one door, fences, or gates and for situations with varying access rights. Authorised individuals can open the door by simply calling the door lock.

Gate / door access control system

The Mobeye Call-Key is a door access control system that helps you restrict access to a building or specific areas of a building or facility to authorised persons only. Your smartphone serves as the identifier and key! Your phone opens the door at specified times, on specific days and dates.

The electronic access control system grants and manages access based on the telephone number. The Mobeye Call-Key only provides access if the telephone number is authorised. When access is granted, the door is unlocked, and the transaction is recorded.

Remote Door Access Control System

In the Mobeye Internet Portal, a time window (day, time or period) for limited access can be set per person, or a 24/7 authorisation can be granted. Via the Internet Portal, the administrator can manage the devices, program telephone numbers (maximum 500), and view historical data (who opened the door and when).

With the Mobeye Call-Key, you can significantly improve the security of your company or organisation. Easily prevent unauthorised access or only allow them access to specific areas.

Cabinet Alarm

Would you like to receive notifications when someone opens a door?  Check out our wireless door and window security alarm.

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