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Access Control

The Mobeye Call-Key is a user-friendly, reliable and secure access control system for buildings with one door, fences or gates and for situations with varying access rights. Authorised people can open the door by simply calling the door lock.

Access control is a method of controlling who and when enters a location. The person entering could be an employee, a contractor, or a visitor, and they could be walking, driving, or taking another mode of transportation. The location they are entering could be a site, a building, a room, or a cabinet.

An access control system is an electronic security system. To authorise people to enter certain areas, they use an identifier. They can also provide valuable data to help you track how your buildings and sites are being used because they can log who accessed where and when.

Mobeye Access Control Systems

The Mobeye Call-Key is a door access control system that helps you to restrict access to a building or certain areas of a building or facility to authorised persons only. Your smartphone is the identifier and key! Your phone opens the door, at specified times, days and dates.

The electronic access control system grants and manages access based on the telephone number. The Mobeye Call-Key only gives access if the telephone number is authorised. When access is granted, the door is unlocked and the transaction is recorded.

Remote Door Access Control System

In the Mobeye Internet Portal, a time window (day, time or period) for limited access can be set per person or a 24/7 authorisation can be granted. Via the Internet Portal, the administrator can manage the devices, program telephone numbers (max. 500) and view historical data (who opened the door at what time).

With the Mobeye Call-Key you can greatly improve the security of your company or organisation. Easily prevent unauthorised access or only allow them access to certain areas.

Cabinet Alarm

Want to be notified when someone opens the door?  Check out our wireless door and window security alarm.

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