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Mobeye CM4500LA Communication Module for the NightWatch epilepsy seizure alarm system

NightWatch is a medical device designed to identify critical epileptic seizures that occur during sleep. When NightWatch detects a potentially severe seizure, it promptly issues an alert. This epilepsy alert is transmitted to a caregiver through a wireless signal from the arm module to the associated base station. Additionally, NightWatch can be seamlessly integrated with the Mobeye CM4500LA mobile phone call system, allowing alarms to be dispatched to caregivers even when they are situated beyond the maximum wireless coverage area of the base station and arm module.

The Mobeye CM4500LA alerts designated contacts through either an app message (iOS/Android) or a telephone call.

The Mobeye CM4500LA is offered in three variants tailored to the language preferences and plug type regions of our customers: Dutch (CM4500LA-nl), English (CM4500LA-en), and German (CM4500LA-de).

Showing all 3 results