Water Detectors

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Water damage, caused by a water leak or burst pipes, can be costly. An early warning system saves money. Mobeye water detectors send you a water alarm in an early stage.

Either you want to monitor the presence or the absence of water, the Mobeye water sensor alarm systems will suit. The water sensor alarms are designed to detect water leaks, determine water levels and sense unwanted water flows. Once the sensor detects a (water based) liquid, a water alarm message will be sent via the built-in GSM. The GSM water detectors can work both battery powered and via the mains.

Mobeye Water Detectors

MobeyeStore sells several types of water sensor alarms. The Mobeye WaterGuard CM2300 is equipped with a leakage sensor. The Mobeye WaterGuard-FS CM2300FS has a float sensor. When the water closes the mechanical float, or – if desired – when the water sinks, an alarm will be sent. The Mobeye MS300 Water Detector has a float sensor for detection and alarm, and two output relays to control devices. The Mobeye CombiGuard CM2600 is both a temperature, an analogue, a voltage, and a water detector.

Water detectors are used in several application fields, such as wells, basements, construction sites, boats and ships, swimming pools, near water heaters, washing machines, sump pumps, bathtubs, toilets, dishwashers, furnace pumps, etc. Water leak detection has also become a necessity in server rooms, data centers, trading floors, banks, archives and other mission-critical infrastructure. See also our small business security systems.

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