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Water Detectors for Complete Water Damage Protection

Water damage caused by unexpected leaks or pipe bursts can lead to significant financial stress. Implementing a proactive early warning system can greatly reduce potential expenses. Mobeye’s advanced 4G LTE-M / 2G GSM water detectors are meticulously designed to provide rapid alerts when they detect the presence of water.

Whether you need precise water level monitoring or want to spot water leaks, Mobeye’s water sensor alarm systems are ideal for the job. Our water sensor alarms are purpose-built to identify water leaks, measure water levels, and detect unwanted water flows. As soon as any liquid is detected, the integrated alarm communicator swiftly sends a water alarm message. What distinguishes Mobeye water detectors is their dual power source, allowing them to run on batteries or mains connection, ensuring versatile usability. The built-in communication module can connect to both the 4G LTE-M and 2G networks.

Explore Mobeye Water Detectors

Our extensive collection features a variety of water sensor alarms, each tailored to address specific requirements. The Mobeye WaterGuard CM4300 is a dependable water leak detector equipped with a sensitive leakage sensor. Meanwhile, the Mobeye WaterGuard-FS CM4300FS serves as a water level detector with a float sensor, triggering alarms upon water activation or recession.

For those in need of a comprehensive solution, the Mobeye CombiGuard CM4600 offers an all-in-one detector. It integrates multiple sensors and signalling mechanisms to guarantee optimal control and monitoring.

Applications Across Various Sectors

Water detectors have applications in diverse settings, including wells, basements, construction sites, boats, ships, swimming pools, areas near water heaters, washing machines, sump pumps, bathtubs, toilets, dishwashers, and furnace pumps, among others. Additionally, water leak detection has become essential in critical environments like server rooms, data centers, trading floors, banks, archives, and other mission-critical infrastructure.

Explore our range of small business security systems for additional security solutions. Ensure comprehensive water damage protection with Mobeye’s advanced water detectors.


Showing all 3 results