Mobeye Frost Alert CM4200X

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The Mobeye Frost Alert system, alternatively referred to as the ThermoGuard Outdoor version CM4200X, offers protection for your plants and trees against frost damage. Stay informed with temperature and frost alerts at the right time, delivered through phone calls and SMS text messages!

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Communication module

4G LTE-M, 2G Fallback


1x digital temperature input, 2x NO/NC inputs

Temperature range

-35 to +70 degrees Celsius (sensor)

Power input

battery-operated (with option to connect 12VDC power source)


2x CR123 (lithium 3,0V) included


130 x 180 x 35 mm

Cable length

1 m



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Mobeye Frost Alert System – Outdoor Temperature Monitoring

protect blossom from frostAccurate temperature measurement devices and remote frost alarms are indispensable tools for frost protection. The Mobeye ThermoGuard Outdoor version, also known as the Mobeye Frost Alert CM4200X, plays a pivotal role in alerting you to adverse weather conditions that can result in crop losses. When the temperature remains above the preset minimum limit, no action is needed. However, as soon as it falls within the alarm threshold, you will receive both a phone call and a text message, providing you with precise local temperature information.

The CM4200X serves as a frost and freeze alarm dialer designed for a variety of outdoor applications. It holds particular significance for farmers seeking to safeguard their plants and crops from frost-related damage. During spring, when night-time temperatures drop to around freezing and fruit trees are in bud, fruit growers and orchardists must shield their orchards and vineyards from potential frost damage and losses. They achieve this by activating irrigation systems and wind machines to create a protective water layer for blossoms. The Mobeye Frost Alert ensures that frost warnings are promptly delivered when temperatures drop too low.

Orchard Frost Alarm

The Mobeye detector wakes the fruit grower up via phone once the predetermined temperature is attained. Subsequently, the grower can assess whether protective measures, such as sprinkling or other interventions, are necessary for safeguarding the blossoms.

The Mobeye ThermoGuard CM4200X offers continuous temperature monitoring and alerts farmers and fruit growers when temperatures become critically low. This battery-powered alarm system can call and/or send texts to pre-defined telephone numbers when the temperature falls below the critical threshold. Its IP66 rated waterproof enclosure makes it suitable for outdoor use.

Frost Warning for Frost Workers and Road Gritters

Frost Alert SystemThis versatile solution benefits not only fruit growers and farmers but also workers in various fields during frost, including those in construction, highway maintenance, salt truck operation, and road gritters.

ThermoGuard for Wet Situations

Other situations include cooling cells with higher humidity, circumstances where the ThermoGuard might get wet. The IP66-rated outdoor enclosure makes the CM4200X suitable for wet or damp areas.


Frost Alarm Extended Version CML4275

The Mobeye CM4200X is a battery-operated temperature alarm with an integrated communication module and an outdoor IP66-rated enclosure. For those who require temperature trend analysis in addition to alarms, the extended version, Mobeye CML4275, is available. The CML4275 offers multiple features that are valuable year-round. In addition to setting a lower limit for night frost detection, an upper temperature limit can be defined. If this limit is exceeded, the grower receives a notification, helping them decide when to adjust foil coverings or initiate cooling measures.

Mobeye night frost detectors continuously monitor local outdoor temperatures and trigger alarms when the preset limit is reached. While the Mobeye CM4200X provides alarms, possibly with repeats, the CML4275 goes a step further by displaying temperature trends through an online application once in alarm mode, with the graph updating regularly. Both detectors have long-lasting battery life, and their temperature sensors come factory calibrated.

It is essential to note that the CM4200X functions primarily as a freeze alarm dialler without protocol or recording capabilities. It alerts you only when temperature values deviate from the preset parameters or if connected sensors detect issues. The device allows connection of a single temperature sensor, and the open collector output is not available. Otherwise, its behaviour is identical to that of the CML4275.

How does the Frost Alert CM4200X Works

  • Choose the Mobeye SIM card in combination with the Mobeye Internet Portal (management tool) or purchase a local 2G SIM card (normal size).
  • Insert the supplied SIM card and batteries.
    • The battery life exceeds the yearly frost period, even at low temperatures.
    • You’ll receive a notification when it’s time to replace the batteries.
  • Set the lower temperature limit.
  • Add at least one telephone number as an alarm receiving number.
  • In the event of an alarm situation, you will receive a phone call and SMS text messages (with current temperature).

Mobeye Internet Portal

You can use your Mobeye Frost Alarm either as a standalone solution or in conjunction with the Mobeye Internet Portal for enhanced functionality and user-friendliness. With the Internet Portal, large companies can remotely monitor temperatures across multiple orchards. Access to the Internet Portal is exclusive to Mobeye devices using Mobeye SIM cards.

Typical applications for the Frost Alert system

The Mobeye Frost Alarm proves to be a dependable assistance for:

  • Farmers
  • Fruit growers
  • Gardeners
  • Orchardists
  • Winegrowers
  • Vineyard managers
  • Tree cultivators
  • Garden enthusiasts
  • Salt and grit workers
  • Cooling cell operators in damp environments

For an indoor freeze alarm dialer, we recommend the Mobeye ThermoGuard CM4200.



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SIM, Portal & App

All Mobeye monitoring devices require a SIM card for communication. The product comes with a budget-friendly SIM card, which provides direct access to the Mobeye Internet portal. Alternatively, you have the flexibility of using your own SIM card.

The Mobeye M2M SIM card provides the device with full functionality, allowing access to the Mobeye Internet Portal and App.

With the Mobeye SIM card, communication occurs over the 4G LTE-M network with 2G as a fallback. When you insert your own SIM card, the device utilises the 2G network. Alarm messages are then transmitted via SMS and/or call to a maximum of 5 telephone numbers.

The Mobeye SIM card is PIN-protected and exclusively functions in a Mobeye device. Please refrain from inserting it into another device. For further information about the Mobeye SIM card, visit: The rate for utilising the Mobeye Internet Portal and the SIM card can be found at

Free App for your Smartphone
The Mobeye Messages app is available for download from the Google Play (Android) and Apple App Stores (iOS).

Would you like to use the Mobeye SIM card, but it was not included in your package? Please contact the MobeyeStore team to request one by completing the contact form.


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