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Home and Garden Security

Your home should be a safe haven — a place to feel happy and safe, and it doesn't have to be hard to protect. Whether it concerns burglary prevention of your house or shed, or a telephone report in case of fire or water detection. Mobeye smart home & garden security systems, home automation solutions and monitoring products are aimed at making your life more pleasant. Simple and effective security. Easy installation work, easy operation. That is what Mobeye products stand for.

Mobeye security for in and around the house

The Mobeye Outdoor detector CMVXI-R is a very reliable wireless security system that overlooks a wide range in an open field, driveway, garden or other outside area.

The Mobeye Call-Key is a user-friendly and secure access control system for buildings with one door, fences or gates and for situations with changing access rights. Authorised people can open the door by simply calling the door lock.

The Mobeye panic alarm button can be used to request emergency assistance from e.g. family members, caregiver or a nurse. A common location at home is in the bedroom, right next to the bed.

Do you have stuff in the closet, and you'd rather not want others to touch it? And do you want to know when that happens? The Mobeye Cabinet Alarm is a practical and simple solution to be informed by phone as soon as the door opens. Our high quality 2G/4G smoke detectors are battery operated for over a year. Our water detectors are ideal for houses in areas prone to flooding, e.g. to be sure the cellar stays dry.

Do you have tropical fish as a hobby? The Mobeye ThermoGuard is ideal as aquarium temperature controller.  Use the Mobeye PowerGuard for monitoring your fish pond.

Showing all 10 results