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Home and Garden Security Solutions

Your home should always be a sanctuary, a place where you feel secure and content. Protecting it doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you’re concerned about safeguarding your home or garden against intruders, or need a system to alert you in case of fire or water issues, Mobeye’s smart home and garden security systems, home automation solutions, and monitoring products are designed to enhance your quality of life.

We offer straightforward and effective home security solutions, with easy installation and user-friendly operation at the core of our products’ design philosophy.

Home Security Products

Let’s give some examples of home security products:

  • The Mobeye Outdoor Detector CMVXI-R is a highly reliable wireless security system that provides comprehensive coverage for open fields, driveways, gardens, and other outdoor areas.
  • For access control, the Mobeye Call-Key offers a secure and user-friendly solution for buildings with a single door, fences, gates, and scenarios where access rights change. Authorised individuals can effortlessly unlock the door with a simple phone call.
  • In case of emergencies, the Mobeye Panic Alarm Button can be used to request immediate assistance from family members, caregivers, or nurses. A common placement for this device is in the bedroom, conveniently located next to the bed.
  • If you have valuables in a closet that you’d prefer to keep untouched by others, the Mobeye Cabinet Alarm provides a practical and straightforward solution. It notifies you by phone as soon as the closet door is opened. Our high-quality 2G/4G smoke detectors boast a battery life of over a year, while our water detectors are ideal for homes in flood-prone areas, ensuring your basement remains dry.
  • Are you an enthusiast of tropical fish? The Mobeye ThermoGuard is an ideal temperature controller for aquariums, while the Mobeye PowerGuard is perfect for monitoring your fish pond.

There are a multitude of other applications at your disposal to enhance the security of your home and safeguard your loved ones. These include shed alarms, motion sensors, and more.

Showing all 10 results