Mobeye SISTM CML4015-LP – Battery Powered

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The Mobeye SISTM CML4015 measures the values of industrial sensors with an analogue output. The CML4015-LP operates entirely on battery power, serving as the power source for both the SISTM and sensors.

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Communication module

4G LTE-M, 2G Fallback


2x NO/NC inputs


1x open collector (200mA)

Power input

6-12V (7,2V battery pack available as accessory)


130 x 85 x 60 mm



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Mobeye Standard Industrial Sensor Transmission Module CML4015-LP

The Mobeye Standard Industrial Sensor Transmission Module (SISTM) is meticulously designed to measure values from a diverse array of industrial sensors. The inputs of the Mobeye SISTM CML4015-LP read the output values from these sensors and convert them into meaningful parameters. In the event that configured minimum or maximum limit values are exceeded, designated contacts will promptly receive an alarm message. Furthermore, the sensor values are logged and periodically displayed in an online portal, facilitated by an integrated LTE-M 4G + 2G communication module. As an illustration, the Mobeye SISTM serves various purposes, such as pressure, vacuum, water conductivity, or soil moisture measurement. Encased in a robust IP66 housing, it guarantees durability and shields against dust and water.

The Mobeye SISTM is a 2-channel module suitable for use with sensors that have an output range between 0 and (maximum) 10 Volt, or 4-20 mA. The analogue values are converted to accurate and comprehensible values by setting the measuring range, conversion factor, and calibration value. The SISTM is seamlessly connected to the Mobeye Internet Portal and communicates with designated contacts via the internal 4G LTE-M / 2G communication module.

Please note that the CML4015 comes in two models. The CML4015-LP is entirely battery-operated, while the CML4015-HP relies on external power. An essential distinction between these models is that the CML4015-LP measures periodically on the sensors, whereas the CML4015-HP measures continuously on the sensors. This product description specifically addresses the CML4015-LP (battery-powered).

Battery Powered SISTM (CML4015-LP)

The CML4015-LP operates entirely on battery power, serving as the power source for both the SISTM and sensors. It periodically measures the sensors with an adjustable interval and allows a warm-up time for the sensors. The recorded values are logged, and in the event of the alarm limit being surpassed or falling below, an alarm message is promptly issued.

Alarm messages

For each alarm input, you can adjust both minimum and maximum alarm limits. In the event of an alarm, the Mobeye CML4015-LP sends notifications through the Mobeye Messages App (available on iOS/Android), telephone calls (voice messages), text messages, and/or emails. These messages also include the current values.

For push notifications via the app, you have the option to select either an escalation plan or a group message. With the escalation plan, the recipient can acknowledge the push notification, preventing it from being sent to other contacts. However, if none of the recipients acknowledge the push notification, a phone call will still be initiated. There’s no limit to the number of contacts you can include.

SIM card, Internet Portal & App

The SISTM works with the Mobeye SIM card including the use of the Mobeye Internet Portal and the Mobeye Messages app. With the Mobeye SIM card, communication is over the 4G LTE-M network with 2G as a fallback.

How it Works

The Mobeye SISTM CML4015-LP measures analogue sensor values. Any sensor with a suitable output signal can be connected. The SISTM measures, reports and logs completely autonomously.

  • Choose a suitable sensor and place it together with the Mobeye SISTM.
  • Configure the warm-up time, calibration value, log frequency, alarm limits, and other settings and designate contacts for notifications.
  • If the alarm limits are exceeded or undershot, the SISTM promptly sends alarm messages to the designated contacts. The logged values are readily accessible online, presented in both table and graph formats.

Typical Applications for the Mobeye SISTM CML4015-LP

  • Vacuum measurement
  • Pressure measurement
  • Water conductivity measurement
  • Soil moisture measurement

CML4015-LP – Technical data


  • CML4015-LP
  • Mobeye SIM card

(Alarm) messages

  • sensor alarm, power failure, alarm recovery, battery low voltage, (missed) test report
  • to private contacts via app, call, text message and/or e-mail; local piezo siren


  • sensor values, status, setting list, event history, network strength and position based on Cell ID


  • arming and disarming via button, time schedules and SMS

Setting options

  • min./max. alarm limits per sensor input, log interval (in min.), interval for data synchronisation (in hours), input type (0-1V, 0-10V, 4-20mA), sensor warm-up time, measurement continuous vs. periodic, calibration value, conversion value, label, repeat cycles, alarm delay times, test interval (keep-alive), contact persons (unlimited number) for alarm and service messages, message texts, etc.


  • 2x analog input


  • open collector (at external voltage), max. 200mA. Switches in the event of an alarm or after incoming SMS/call

Power supply

  • 6-12V (7,2V battery pack available as accessory)
  • power supply to sensor: 5V of 15V

Battery lifetime

  • dependent on use up to 10 years

Dimensions & IP value

  • 130 x 85 x 60 mm
  • IP66


  • 4G LTE-M + 2G EGSM Quad band
    The Mobeye SIM card and Internet Portal provide full functionality and optimum security. The 4G LTE-M network is very reliable and ensures a strong penetration against low energy consumption. 2G is available as a fallback.

Accessories (not included)

  • 7,2V 34Ah battery pack, 6,0V 4,8Ah battery pack, mains adapter, external antenna
  • various sensors, please consult Mobeye for advice

Mobeye SIM, Portal & App service

The Mobeye Internet Portal offers a clear dashboard and essential functions, such as graphs and log values, history, status and position (Cell-Id), online programming, setting up the messages and push notifications per app. The ‘keep alive’ monitor offers extra security by monitoring the receipt of test messages. You can activate the supplied Mobeye SIM card online.


Click to open the documents and find more information:

SIM, Portal & App

All Mobeye monitoring devices require a SIM card for communication. The product comes with a budget-friendly SIM card, which provides direct access to the Mobeye Internet portal. Alternatively, you have the flexibility of using your own SIM card.

The Mobeye M2M SIM card provides the device with full functionality, allowing access to the Mobeye Internet Portal and App.

With the Mobeye SIM card, communication occurs over the 4G LTE-M network with 2G as a fallback. When you insert your own SIM card, the device utilises the 2G network. Alarm messages are then transmitted via SMS and/or call to a maximum of 5 telephone numbers.

The Mobeye SIM card is PIN-protected and exclusively functions in a Mobeye device. Please refrain from inserting it into another device. For further information about the Mobeye SIM card, visit: The rate for utilising the Mobeye Internet Portal and the SIM card can be found at

Free App for your Smartphone
The Mobeye Messages app is available for download from the Google Play (Android) and Apple App Stores (iOS).

Would you like to use the Mobeye SIM card, but it was not included in your package? Please contact the MobeyeStore team to request one by completing the contact form.


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