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Remote Temperature Monitoring Systems

Mobeye’s 4G LTE-M / 2G GSM ThermoGuard temperature monitoring systems are your go-to choice for precise temperature monitoring across a range of applications. From coolers, refrigerators, freezers, distilleries, to medicine storage, our 4G temperature monitoring devices ensure your assets remain in optimal condition. When temperature values surpass predetermined thresholds, our built-in alarm communicator promptly sends alerts, keeping you informed, wherever you are.

Our Mobeye wireless temperature detectors come equipped with reliable external digital temperature probes, providing real-time updates on environmental changes.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Experience the convenience of remote temperature monitoring on your mobile phone, accessible from anywhere. Mobeye’s solutions empower businesses and individuals to effortlessly manage temperature-sensitive environments and equipment using their smartphones. Our temperature detectors transmit data via 4G/2G or the internet, all while being battery-operated with external power options. You can even request current temperature readings or receive alerts in case of power failures.

Temperature Monitoring Systems

Choose from our range of remote temperature monitors. The CM4200 model features one temperature sensor and sends alerts via the app, call, text message, or email to predefined contacts. For comprehensive monitoring, our ‘CML’ devices, including the CML4255 and CML4275, can read two temperatures (with an optional second sensor) and log temperature values at customisable intervals. The CML4275 boasts an industrial-grade, waterproof enclosure for added durability.

Temperature Monitoring via the Internet

Unlock enhanced features by registering on the Mobeye Internet Portal with a Mobeye SIM card. Benefit from online programming, status updates, and differentiated alarm and technical messages. In case of an alarm, your contacts will receive alerts via the app, call, SMS, or email. The ‘keep-alive’ monitor adds an extra layer of security by sending warnings if test reports are delayed. Temperature data from the CML4255 and CML4275 is readily accessible on the portal.

Versatile Applications

Mobeye ThermoGuard remote temperature monitoring systems find applications in medical fridges and freezers, the refrigeration, cooling and heating industry, pharmaceuticals, cold storage warehouses, transportation, IT sectors, vacant buildings, and various consumer scenarios. Additionally, explore our Mobeye Frost Alert, designed to notify farmers and fruit growers of critical drops in outdoor temperatures.

Even in locations without a stable power supply, Mobeye’s wireless temperature monitoring systems offer reliable solutions to safeguard your assets.

Showing all 4 results