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Telemetry Mobeye

For system integrators and the more professional user the Mobeye MS100 series offers strong GSM telemetry systems to measure, alert and control external devices. The Mobeye MS100 series consists of powerful telemetry monitoring modules in four models with internal GSM module, digital inputs, relay outputs and a multitude of settings. Build your own alarm module with sensors, devices and alarms.

The MS100 series devices are generic GSM telemetry modules, to which any detector can be connected as input. With ‘event-driven’ adjustments any action pattern can be defined. Consequently the customer decides in what situation alarms are given or when apparatuses are activated.

GSM Telemetry

The user is able to set-up the behaviour as action-reaction patterns. The inputs can be set as normally open or normally closed. The relays outputs can switch automatically, based on time triggers, (de-) activation of an input or remotely after an incoming SMS text command or incoming call. Each trigger can lead to a phone call or SMS text message, to warn the (max. 5) contact persons.

If you need a wireless telemetry unit, you should choose for the battery-operated MS100B or MS100BK (keypad version). If these units run on batteries only, the power consumption is less than 50 microA, so it can run on batteries for more than a year. If you need a telemetry monitoring system that can be approached from remote, even when the power falls away, you want the MS100E or MS100EK.

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