Server Room Monitoring

Most SME companies have a server room, full of expensive computers and networking equipment. If the ambient room temperature gets too high, the equipment can be permanently damaged. An air conditioner or liquid-cooled system may offer the solution, but don’t forget to monitor these remotely. You wouldn’t be the first to get back in the office and find damaged files and fried equipment. Mobeye’s server room monitoring systems are the solution for this problem.

To track potential threats to your computer room and network reliability, you have to have sensors, such as smoke detectors and fire alarms, floor water sensors and temperature sensors. The Mobeye monitoring systems warn in case of a power failure, temperature violence and – if you connect the air con’s failure signal to the unit – about a defect cooling system. It’s an easy step to prevent the racks to be overheated.

Server room temperature

If the ambient room temperature rises, water gets on the floor or power to the server falls away, real-time alerts are sent to you, the server administrator or other staff. Alarm can be received as a text message, email and/or as a telephone call.

Server room access control: protection from unauthorised access

With the Mobeye Call-Key you are also ensured that only authorised staff can access your  computer room or data centre. Authorised people can unlock the door with their smartphone, by simply calling the door lock. For the utmost protection from burglary, you can pair this with a wireless GSM pir motion sensor.

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