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Mobeye Outdoor Alarm (CMVXI-R)

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The Mobeye Outdoor CMVXI-R is a completely self-contained wireless outdoor alarm. Ideal for short-term protection and areas without power or phone lines. 2 tags and mounting materials are included.

  • Power input: battery-operated
  • Batteries: 2x CR123 (lithium 3,0V) included
  • Enclosure: IP55

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Mobeye PIR Outdoor alarm CMVXI-R

The Mobeye Outdoor alarm CMVXI-R is a self-contained wireless PIR outdoor motion sensor alarm. Ideal for temporary protection and (outdoor) places where no electricity or telephone lines are available, e.g. as driveway alarm system or construction site security system. It combines the highly reliable Optex Infinity outdoor PIR from the Optex VX Infinity Series with the battery powered Mobeye GSM technology. No external power is required.

Mobeye Outdoor AlarmThe wireless Outdoor alarm CMVXI-R works for a year on the supplied batteries (normal use). The device sends a battery-low text message in time. The integrated GSM module provides alarm messages to preset contacts (up to 5 numbers can be programmed).

The PIR Outdoor alarm can be turned on and off with a tag (two tags are included; a total of 25 tags can be registered) or based on a preset schedule. Alarms are sent via SMS and/or call. If the recipient confirms the call with the phone, the unit stops calling other contacts.

A SIM card (standard format) from any provider can be used (for example, prepaid).

Pet friendly alarm system

Mobeye Outdoor PIR alarmThe Mobeye Outdoor Motion Sensor Alarm is ideal for pet owners. The latest Optex Dual Optic Boundary-Guard PIR technology makes the CMVXI-R immune to pets such as cats and dogs, birds, etc. and changes in weather conditions. The sensor which should be mounted at ca 1.2m height includes two PIRs providing a double layered detection area. The two PIR sensors independently analyse the detection so that a misleading confluence of events can be filtered out. The sensor will only trigger when both layers are activated.

Mobeye Internet Portal

For even better security options, the CMVXI-R can be connected to the Mobeye Internet portal using a Mobeye SIM card.

It is recommended that time schedules be used to arm and disarm the system automatically. By assigning the schedules to the days of the week, the system will not shut down over the weekend, for example. Schedules can be created online without having to visit the site once the device is registered in the Mobeye Internet Portal (see SIM info). The portal displays the history, including alarm events and when they were activated and deactivated. Professional security companies can thus demonstrate the events and proper use of the GSM Outdoor Alarm.

Typical applications for the Mobeye Outdoor alarm

The Mobeye CMVXI-R can be mounted on a wall, a pole or even a tree and is therefore ideal for securing:

Mobeye Outdoor alarm, a gsm open air alarm

  • construction site
  • industrial site
  • garden
  • yard
  • access road
  • driveway
  • farm
  • drafty hall
  • boat covered with a tarpaulin
  • longboat
  • facilities, buildings and equipment of sports clubs
  • etc.




Package Contents

  • Optex VXI-R, integrated GSM-module, tag reader
  • 2x CR123 batteries
  • 2x tags
  • mounting materials

Key features

  • Outdoor intruder alarm (dual PIR)
  • detection if both PIR sensors detect motion
  • 90 ° coverage pattern (180 ° rotatable)
  • detection range adjustable from 2.5 to 12 m
  • battery powered (1 year on supplied set at normal use)
  • alarm to phone numbers (max. 5)
  • operation with tags
  • option for time based arming/disarming schedules
  • free recognition and alarm texts
  • adjustable frequency of test messages (“keep alive”)
  • SMS notification at low battery voltage
  • GSM network strength test
  • size: 71 * 105 * 186 mm (w * l * h)
  • IP55
  • programming and settings by SMS
  • option to connect to the Internet portal
  • RoHS


Click to open the documents and find more information:

SIM info

Choose for comfort and use the Mobeye alarm system stand-alone or in combination with the Mobeye Internet Portal.
The all-in-one GSM alarm system sends alarm messages to the set contact persons.
The Mobeye alarm system can also be linked to the Mobeye Internet Portal. For a reasonable fee you have a SIM card, flat fee and a management tool for your Mobeye devices.

Choice 1: use your own SIM card and deploy the Mobeye alarm system “stand-alone”

  • Works with a SIM card of any network operator, which you arrange yourself.
  • Upon an alarm, the Mobeye system calls and/or sends SMS alerts to the set telephone numbers.
  • At low battery voltage, the telephone number at the first position receives a warning SMS alert.
  • The alarm system can send SMS ‘test messages’ periodically, to the telephone number at the first position.

Choice 2: activate the Mobeye M2M SIM card and link your device to the Mobeye Internet Portal
By using the supplied Mobeye SIM card and registering the Mobeye device in the internet portal, numerous features are added:

  • A SIM card that always chooses the best network available (provider independent).
  • flat-fee costs.
  • Management of identification and location via the portal.
  • Upon an alarm, the Mobeye system instantly calls the (max. 5) set telephone numbers.
  • The message is sent to the portal as well; the portal matches the identification and locations and dispatches the message to the ‘alarm’ contact persons as SMS text message and/or email.
  • Periodically the Mobeye alarm system sends test messages (‘keep alive’) to the portal. If these are not timely received, a ‘warning’ SMS and/or email is sent to the ‘service’ contact persons.
  • At low battery voltage, a ‘warning’ SMS and/or email is sent to the ‘technical’ contact persons.
  • The portal shows the settings and historical data.

The Mobeye SIM card is PIN protected and only works in a Mobeye device. Please do not put it in another device.

Do you want to use the Mobeye SIM card but it was not included in your box? Ask the MobeyeStore team to supply one by filling out the contact form!