Mobeye Call-Key MCK100 Access Control System

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The Mobeye Call-Key MCK100 door opener is a straightforward and secure GSM access control system designed for single-door buildings, fences, or gates, as well as situations with changing access rights. Authorised individuals can easily open the door by placing a call to the door lock. Your phone serves as the key!

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2x NO/NC inputs


2x relays (2mA, 30V)

Power input

9-32VDC / 500 mA (12V mains adapter included)


145 x 90 x 45 mm

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Mobeye Call-Key MCK100 – Access Control System

The Mobeye Call-Key MCK100 is a user-friendly and secure access control system designed for buildings with a single door, fences, or gates, as well as for scenarios involving changing access permissions. Authorized individuals can effortlessly unlock the door by calling the door lock with their smartphone. This telephone-based access control system eliminates the need for traditional keys or tags.

Call-Key, gsm door opener

The Mobeye MCK100 serves as a GSM door opener, granting access to doors, fences, or gates with a simple and free smartphone call. Utilizing automatic number recognition, the GSM unit verifies whether the lock may be opened. Through the internet portal, unlimited access or specific time windows can be assigned to each phone number. Importantly, the phone call itself is not answered, ensuring that the user will not incur any call charges.

The Mobeye Call-Key can connect to all electronic locks and strikes that operate via a pulse or switch command.

Granting access is a straightforward process. Administrators can easily authorize or remove phone numbers remotely. Additionally, the unit can be configured to restrict unauthorized access if necessary. The Mobeye Call-Key is compatible with all electronic locks and strikes that function via a pulse or switch command. A mains adapter is included, and for added convenience, 4x CR123a batteries can be installed optionally, allowing for power failure reporting.

Mobeye Call-Key access control system can work in two ways:


The Mobeye GSM door opener, or alternatively, a gate opener, can function as a stand-alone unit. Equipped with its own SIM card, the Call-Key operates with 24/7 authorizations. It can be programmed easily through simple SMS commands. Upon request, the module can send status messages and provide authorization lists.

registered in Mobeye Internet Portal

By registering the Call-Key on the Mobeye Internet portal using the included Mobeye SIM card, authorizations become possible within a specified time frame (day, time, or time window). The Mobeye Internet portal lists the individuals who opened the door and when the alarm events occurred. The portal displays both successful door openings and instances of refusal. Configuration of the unit and assignment of authorizations can be easily accomplished through the user-friendly interface.

How to make a smartphone door lock

To get started with the Mobeye Call-Key and make a smartphone door lock seven easy steps are needed:

  1. Place the SIM card
  2. Connect an electronic lock to the output
  3. Connect the power supply and, if desired,
  4. Insert the four batteries
  5. Program a phone number as administrator
  6. Program at least one phone number as authorised number
  7. Open the lock

The Mobeye Call-Key ThermoGuard was awarded a place in the SME Innovation Summit 2013.The Mobeye Call-Key was awarded a place in the Dutch SME Innovation Top 100 2013. In the newest releases many features were added to optimise its functionality.

Typical Applications for the Mobeye Call-Key smartphone access control system

The Mobeye access control system is suitable for:

  • houses with multiple occupants
  • building access control system
  • rental / leasing situations
  • timeshare
  • offices
  • sports complexes
  • garage door
  • server room access
  • rental companies that need to authorise entry on a temporary basis
  • SME companies and clubs that need to open doors for suppliers
  • as gate opener for terrains
  • as back-up for door entry system when the main system is not 100% trustworthy
  • to grant access to renters or in buildings that are used by several people
  • assisted living situations
  • site huts
  • barriers
  • fences
  • etc.



Key features

  • Stand-alone up to 50 authorised telephone numbers
  • connected Mobeye Internet Portal: up to 500 authorised phone numbers
  • programming stand-alone unit: by (simple) SMS commands
  • programming when connected via Internet Portal: via the Internet
  • 2 x NO/NC input (e.g. for magnetic contact) as alarm contact
  • 1 x relay output for electric door opener (max 2A / 30VDC)
  • quad band GSM module
  • ROHS compliant


  • Pulse times for the outputs (or hard switching)
  • option for unauthorised switching
  • delay times for alarm inputs and power failure
  • input type (NO/NC)
  • free alarm texts
  • alarm suppression for intruder function
  • interval of the ‘keep-alive’ messages
  • security code


Click to open the documents and find more information:

SIM info

Choose for comfort and use the Mobeye alarm system stand-alone or in combination with the Mobeye Internet Portal.
The all-in-one GSM alarm system sends alarm messages to the set contact persons.
The Mobeye alarm system can also be linked to the Mobeye Internet Portal. For a reasonable fee you have a SIM card, flat fee and a management tool for your Mobeye devices.

Choice 1: use your own SIM card and deploy the Mobeye alarm system “stand-alone”

  • Works with a SIM card of any network operator, which you arrange yourself.
  • Upon an alarm, the Mobeye system calls and/or sends SMS alerts to the set telephone numbers.
  • At low battery voltage, the telephone number at the first position receives a warning SMS alert.
  • The alarm system can send SMS ‘test messages’ periodically, to the telephone number at the first position.

Choice 2: activate the Mobeye M2M SIM card and link your device to the Mobeye Internet Portal
By using the supplied Mobeye SIM card and registering the Mobeye device in the internet portal, numerous features are added:

  • A SIM card that always chooses the best network available (provider independent).
  • flat-fee costs.
  • Management of identification and location via the portal.
  • Upon an alarm, the Mobeye system instantly calls the (max. 5) set telephone numbers.
  • The message is sent to the portal as well; the portal matches the identification and locations and dispatches the message to the ‘alarm’ contact persons as SMS text message and/or email.
  • Periodically the Mobeye alarm system sends test messages (‘keep alive’) to the portal. If these are not timely received, a ‘warning’ SMS and/or email is sent to the ‘service’ contact persons.
  • At low battery voltage, a ‘warning’ SMS and/or email is sent to the ‘technical’ contact persons.
  • The portal shows the settings and historical data.

The Mobeye SIM card is PIN protected and only works in a Mobeye device. Please do not put it in another device.

Do you want to use the Mobeye SIM card but it was not included in your box? Ask the MobeyeStore team to supply one by filling out the contact form!


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