GSM Fire Alarm

fire alarm system

Fire alarms save lives, protect your properties and prevent commercial business loss. A smart GSM fire alarm doesn’t just sound the alarm, they also send an SMS fire alarm alert to your smart phone. Discover our Mobeye SMS fire alarm products!

Traditional smoke detectors and heat detectors are focussed on warning present persons about a fire. A loud siren will alert occupants that are somewhere in the building, even when they sleep. But what if people are vulnerable and can’t take care of themselves, what if the building is void, vacant or under construction? What if you are on holiday and no one is at home? Wouldn’t you want to receive a fire alert, to be able to take action as soon as possible?

Fire Alarm System with SMS notification

Mobeye’s smart smoke detectors operate much like traditional smoke detectors, sounding an alarm when smoke or fire is detected and providing as much warning as possible to get out safely in the event of a house fire. Moreover, they send a notification to your phone when the alarm is triggered – even if you are away from home. They also notify you when the battery gets low.

There is no need to install a complete and expensive alarm system. The Mobeye GSM fire detectors with SMS notification are easy to install and require no cabling. The integrated GSM module will inform the contact persons per telephone call and SMS text message.

The smoke detector can be connected to other smoke and / or heat detectors. Up to 12 detectors can be connected by placing an Ei RF module in each detector. Only one of the fire detectors has to be equipped with the GSM Communication Module CM2410. As soon as one of the detectors detects fire, all sirens will sound and the GSM Communication Module will send an SMS alarm notification by phone.

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