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Intruder alarms

Intruder alarms serve as a powerful deterrent to burglars. Yet, if you wish to secure your property with an intruder alarm, opting for a fixed or wired burglar alarm may not always be the best choice. What if you require only a temporary or quick solution to safeguard your valuables? What if your need is to secure just a single room or a small area? Or how do you protect your belongings when an external power source is not available? These are the questions that motivated the Mobeye team to develop battery-powered autonomous intruder alarms. Mobeye’s 2G/4G burglar alarms with PIR sensors are wireless and remarkably user-friendly.

Mobeye’s alarm systems provide elegant and effective solutions for a wide range of security challenges. Our wireless security alarms are deployed in residential, commercial, and industrial premises to safeguard against burglary, property damage, and personal threats from intruders.

Wireless Intruder Alarm

The Mobeye MiniPir Intruder Alarm iCM41 is a standalone PIR alarm system with an integrated communication module designed for indoor use. It’s a wireless and portable security system equipped with a motion sensor alarm. When the PIR detector detects movement, the system automatically notifies preset contacts via calls and text messages.

The Mobeye MiniPir Container Alarm iCM41C is the container version of the Mobeye iCM41, making it ideal for securing shipping containers. In cases where the internal antenna struggles to connect to a network mast, the external mushroom antenna provides a solution. The MiniPir Container Alarm can be placed inside a metal object or any location with weak network coverage.

For outdoor use and in windy locations, the Mobeye Outdoor Alarm CMVXI-R stands as an extremely reliable and effective solution.

Mobeye’s wireless, battery-powered intruder alarm systems excel in terms of longevity. Thanks to their energy-efficient design, the batteries last for over a year.

When it comes to securing your home or property, it’s not just burglars or intruders you need to consider. Fires can easily devastate a home or business premises, resulting in the loss of possessions. Ensure your protection with one of our fire detectors.

Showing all 3 results