Stable Alarms

stable alarms

The biggest threat to horses and stable yards is fire and theft. An alarm system for your horse stable or cattle shed is essential for keeping your horses and livestock safe and keeping your farm safe and secure. Mobeye GSM stable alarms send a notification to your phone when the alarm is triggered – even if you are not present at the stables.

When choosing stable alarms, the primary consideration should be the type of detectors that are available with the alarm system. Most security systems are supplied with ‘internal’ style PIR infra-red detectors, that are not appropriate for use outside or in drafty loose-boxes as they will false alarm constantly.

The Optex VX Infinity system used in the Mobeye Outdoor (see below) includes two ‘external’ detectors which are highly reliable with temperature compensation built in. The external detectors are also immune to small animals. The result is a sound and highly reliable stable alarm system. By limiting the detection range, false alarms due to unwanted movement (e.g. persons or animals outside the protected area) can be eliminated.

Heat Detector vs Smoke Detector

Another concern for horse owners is the risk of a stable fire or barn fire. Fire damage to horse stables can be minimized or prevented through building techniques, management practices and fire detection. Smoke and heat detectors however are not ideal for stables. Small particles get in the air, which pollute smoke detectors. Heat detectors are a better solution, but the material of the housing will suffer from the ammonia in the air. If you do not want to have to replace the heat detector every second year, you better affix the heat detector in the technical room. According to the fire brigade most of the fires start in the technical room at the farm. Preventing a stable fire can be done by disconnecting the batteries of devices that are put down in the barn at night.

Mobeye stable alarms

All of the stable alarms below are 100% battery powered, wireless and require no cabling.

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