Stable Alarms

stable alarms

Mobeye stable alarms

The foremost risks to horses and stable yards revolve around the perils of fire and theft. It is paramount to install an alarm system for your horse stable, cattle shed, or barn to ensure the safety of your horses and livestock, as well as to fortify the overall security of your farm. The indispensability of a remote alarm for the barn, stable, and tack room cannot be overstated. In the event of an alarm activation, Mobeye 4G LTE-M / 2G GSM stable alarms promptly dispatch a notification to your mobile phone, offering peace of mind even when you are not physically present at the stables.

Mobeye stable alarms are entirely battery-powered, wireless, and require no cabling.

Intruder Alarm Systems Designed for Stables and Tack Rooms

When choosing a stable alarm, the key consideration should be the type of detectors it offers. Many security systems incorporate ‘internal’ PIR infrared detectors, yet these may prove unsuitable for outdoor application or dusty stables, as they pose a risk of triggering false alarms.

The Optex VX Infinity system used in the Mobeye Outdoor alarm includes two ‘external’ detectors that are highly reliable, with temperature compensation built-in. These external detectors are also immune to small animals. The result is a robust and highly reliable stable alarm system. By limiting the detection range, false alarms caused by unwanted movement (e.g., people or animals outside the protected area) can be eliminated.

Enhance Stables Security with Access Control

Discover our selection of access control systems designed to enhance the security of your entrance gate effectively. The Mobeye CM4000 facilitates remote control of vital farm functions, including the drinking water pump, electric fence, and sprinkler system.

Preventing Barn Fires with Remote Fire Alarms

One of the most critical concerns for horse owners is the risk of a barn fire. While fire damage can be minimised or prevented through construction techniques and management practices, fire detection plays a pivotal role. Traditional smoke and heat detectors, however, aren’t suitable for stables.

Small particles in the air can contaminate smoke detectors, and heat detectors can deteriorate due to ammonia exposure. To avoid the hassle of replacing heat detectors frequently, it’s advisable to place them in a technical room. According to fire services, most farm fires originate in the technical room. Another tip is to disconnect the batteries of devices placed in the barn at night, reducing the risk of barn fires.