Analogue Input Modules

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Analogue Input Modules

Mobeye analogue input modules (or analogue value monitors) are designed for the reading of analog sensors and pulse generators and remotely monitoring of analogue values. The Mobeye CML4055 and CML4015 read analogue output values, enabling the use of various types of sensors.

Analogue input modules measure, log, sound alarms, and report. Mobeye’s analogue input alarm modules come equipped with built-in communication modules for sending alerts through the app, SMS, telephone calls, and (when using the internet portal) email. They promptly send alarms when user-defined minimum or maximum analogue values are reached.

Measured values can be logged and viewed in the optional web-based portal. These units operate entirely autonomously when powered by batteries. Mobeye alarm and log units are exceptionally energy-efficient.

Monitoring Analogue values

In the era of increasing industrial automation, telemetry systems have become indispensable assets. In the era of escalating industrial automation, telemetry systems have become indispensable assets. Mobeye B.V., under the brand name Mobeye, presents a range of standard industrial sensors and transmission modules meticulously engineered to excel in demanding infrastructure environments.

Mobeye’s analogue input modules stand out for their precision in capturing voltage values, monitoring alarm thresholds, detecting anomalies, and providing a comprehensive overview of value trends. Specifically, the Mobeye CM-Guard TwinLog CML4055 and the Mobeye SISTM CML4015-HP and  SISTM CML4015-LP are designed to interpret analogue output data, ensuring compatibility with a wide array of sensors.

The SISTM models seamlessly integrate with standard industrial sensors that produce output values of 0-1V, 0-10V, 4-20mA NO, NC, or pulse signals. Even in scenarios where an external voltage source isn’t available, the Mobeye SISTM can independently power the sensors, enabling prolonged operation powered solely by batteries. This advanced system not only transmits instant alarm notifications to designated contacts but also logs data on a user-friendly web portal through its integrated communication module.

When selecting the perfect product to suit your specific application, consider the following options:

  • For precise analogue assessments of battery voltage, the CM-Guard TwinLog CML4055 is your ideal choice.
  • If you’re dealing with sensors that generate output voltage ranging from 0 to 10 volts or 4-20mA, the SISTM models emerge as the optimal solution.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more detailed information on how Mobeye can effectively meet your requirements.

Common Applications

Mobeye alarm and transmitter modules find utility across a wide range of sectors. The CML4055 is used, for instance, to monitor the battery voltage of generators, serve as a backup for backup systems, aid rental companies in tracking equipment usage and associated batteries, provide peace of mind to boat owners regarding the functionality of their boat’s battery, and assist battery owners who understand that batteries can become useless if excessively discharged. Common applications for the SISTM are vacuum, pressure, water conductivity, and soil moisture measurement.


Showing all 3 results