Power Failure Alarm

Power failure alarm

Is the availability of power supply important to you? Let yourself be notified on power outage by a Mobeye power failure alarm module. The Mobeye PowerGuard power failure alarm reports about a power outage via telephone call, SMS text message and if you like, per email.

power out alarm, power failure alarmA power cut isn’t always crucial. But if you or your devices are dependent on the power it is extremely important to get notified immediately. It could be that the entire area is without electricity, or it could be a local problem, a broken cable or defect component. The Mobeye power failure detectors will continue operating on the internal batteries and inform you instantly. Up to 5 calls and text messages can be sent on a power outage.

The Mobeye PowerGuard has two additional inputs. By connecting devices or external sensors it can monitor much more, such as the operation of your machine or several values via the sensors.

The Mobeye PowerGuard is available in three versions: with EU power plug (type C), with UK power plug (type G) and with USA/Canada power plug (type A).

The Mobeye power failure alarm system CM2100 is used by:

  • airports, industries, ICT companies and many others for information about a decisive power outage.
  • security people who know that copper theft starts with shutting down the mains power.
  • banks that want to be informed when their ATM systems fail.
  • so many people for whom the availability of mains power is important.

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