Small Business Security Systems

Small Business Security Systems

Being responsible for an SME company you need a reliable business security system. You have important and critical elements to protect, including computers, goods you may sell, and many other assets. Mobeye alarm and monitoring systems don’t just protect against thieves, but may safeguard against fire and vandalism as well.

Some of the common risks that your SME company need to address include burglary, unauthorized access to areas throughout your building, power cuts, and threats and loss from fire. You may have to deal with limited surveillance or multiple location security management. You need to monitor your server room and equipment, cool your products, and so on. Business security systems protect your company and its assets.

Mobeye solutions for small business security systems

Security is a concern for many small companies with people and assets to protect. Mobeye makes a number of intruder alarms that can keep burglars out, monitor your systems and report any activity. You can build your own business security system with Mobeye DIY alarm and monitoring systems. It’s also easy and inexpensive to relocate your security system, should your business change locations.

Mobeye GSM alarm systems give you peace of mind. You can go home at the end of the working day or go away on weekends knowing that your business company is monitored and that you will receive automatic GSM alerts when alarms are triggered or other conditions are met.

What we can offer you for your small business security:

  • Motion detectors.
  • Door and window sensors.
  • Panic alarm button for under the desk.
  • Access control to authorized personnel only, with individual user codes.
  • Power failure systems.
  • Temperature monitoring systems.
  • Fire alarm systems with GSM alerts.
  • and 24/7 monitoring via the Mobeye Internet Portal.

View the examples below or browse our full collection of alarm and monitoring systems.

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