Small Business Security Systems

Small Business Security Systems

As a person responsible for an SME, you require a dependable business security system to safeguard crucial elements such as computers, merchandise, and various other assets. Mobeye’s alarm and monitoring systems not only defend against thieves but also provide protection against fire and vandalism. Discover all the details about our customised security solutions for your SME security system.

Some of the common risks that your SME company needs to address include intrusion, unauthorised access throughout your building, power outages, threats, and fire-related losses. You may be dealing with limited surveillance or security management across multiple locations. You need to monitor your server room, equipment, and maintain optimal product storage conditions. Business security systems are essential for safeguarding your enterprise and its assets.

Secure Your Small Business with Reliable Security Systems

Security is a paramount concern for many small businesses, which must protect both people and assets. Mobeye has developed wireless intruder alarms to deter burglars, monitor your systems, and report any suspicious activity. With Mobeye’s DIY alarm and monitoring systems, you have the flexibility to create your own company security system. Relocating your security system is also hassle-free and cost-effective should your business change location.

Mobeye’s 2G/4G alarm systems offer peace of mind. You can leave your workplace at the end of the day or go away for the weekend with confidence, knowing that your business is under constant surveillance. You’ll receive automatic alerts whenever alarms are triggered or specific conditions are met.

Here’s what we can provide for the security of your small business:

  • Motion detectors.
  • Door and window sensors.
  • Panic alarm button for under the desk / lone worker alarm.
  • Access control: restrict access to sensitive areas, allowing only authorised personnel with individual user codes
  • Power failure systems.
  • Environmental monitoring: safeguard against fire, floods, and other environmental threats with our monitoring systems
  • 24/7 monitoring through the Mobeye Internet Portal and App.

Explore the examples below or browse our complete collection of alarm and monitoring systems.