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How to change the SIM card in my Mobeye CM2 device?

Time needed: 1 minute

Learn how to switch the SIM card in your Mobeye CM2 device. Note: All user settings are stored in the internal memory. This helps you to do a SIM change without losing data.

  1. Remove power supplies

    Before changing the SIM card, remove all power supplies. For battery-operated Mobeye units, take out the batteries. For systems that are powered by an external source, take away the source and remove the batteries. This can be done by simply unplugging the mains adapter, or by removing (at least one of) the wires from the + and – in the connector block.

  2. Change SIM card

    Now you can remove the SIM card, by slightly moving the card holder and lifting it up. Take care that the pin code was removed from the new SIM card before inserting it. The card holder has a tiny drawing so if you’re lost with the way how to insert it, you’ll be helped.

  3. Reconnect power supply

    Now you can reconnect the power supply by inserting batteries and/or attaching the external power.

  4. Add new phone number to contact list

    From now on you will receive the alarm notifications from another telephone number, so don’t forget to add the new phone number to your contact list/address book.


In the video below is demonstrated how to change the SIM card in the Mobeye CM-Guard. This demonstration applies to all Mobeye CM2 Series devices that come in the black IP44 enclosure.

Mobeye SIM Card

Please note, if your system is connected to the Mobeye Internet Portal and you’re using a Mobeye SIM card, the procedure is a bit different. For this situation Mobeye will supply the instructions, once you’ll receive a new SIM card.