How to insert a SIM card in my Mobeye CM4 Series device?

sim card in Mobeye CM4 Series

Time needed: 1 minute

Learn how to insert a new SIM card into your Mobeye CM4 Series device. Note: If you change a SIM card, you will not lose data. All user settings are stored in the internal memory.

  1. Ensure that no power has been connected

    Before removing a SIM card or inserting a new one, disconnect all power supplies. Remove the batteries. For systems powered by an external source, also disconnect the power source. This can be done by simply unplugging the mains adapter or by removing at least one of the wires from the + and – terminals in the connector block.

  2. Insert the SIM card

    Gently shift the card holder cover to the left and lift it upward. Position the new SIM card on the board with the copper part facing downward and the angled tip at the top right. Use your fingertip to ensure the correct placement. Subsequently, lower the card holder cover and gently shift it to the right.
    If you are inserting your own SIM card, ensure that the pin code has been removed before insertion.

  3. Restore the power supply

    You can now restore the power supply by inserting batteries and/or connecting the external power source.

  4. Ensure to include the new phone number in the address book on your phone

    From now on, you will receive alarm notifications from another telephone number. Therefore, remember to add the new phone number to your contact list or address book. This will facilitate easy recognition of the alarm call.


The video below demonstrates how to change the SIM card in a Mobeye “CM4” and “CML4” Series device.

Mobeye SIM Card

Please be aware that if your system is connected to the Mobeye Internet Portal and you’re utilising a Mobeye SIM card, the procedure differs slightly. In this scenario, Mobeye will provide the instructions once you receive a new SIM card.