Solar Panel Protection: How to Make a Solar Panel Alarm

How to Make a Solar Panel Alarm

Solar panel theft is an increasing problem. This Mobeye DIY alarm system protects your solar panel, triggering an alarm in case of theft attempt.

Don’t think about it: invested heavily in solar panels to get an interesting return on investment and save the environment. And what happens … a couple of panels are stolen. Sometimes this is as easy as to just remove two screws.

Solar Panel Protection

roof without its solar panels
Solar panels missing

Mobeye helps by warning you. It has developed a GSM alarm that can be used to alert you to solar panel tampering and removal. Simply use a conductive wire and make a ‘loop’ below the panels; next connect it to the Mobeye battery-powered GSM alarm detector. In an (attempted) theft the wire will break or be cut, so you’ll instantly receive a message on your phone. The unit runs on batteries for more than a year. When the battery voltage value is low you will receive a notification.

This is what you need:

  • Mobeye CM-Guard: Battery operated GSM alarm dialler with two NO/NC inputs.
  • Conductive wire: An (isolated) copper wire or any other conductive wire.
  • Optional: outdoor enclosure.

Security made easy!

How to make a solar panel alarm

Time needed: 10 minutes.

To make a solar panel alarm the following easy steps are needed:

  1. Upon the solar panel installation make a loop using a conductive wire.

    Use an (isolated) copper wire or any other conductive wire.

  2. Connect the ends of the wire to one of the inputs of the Mobeye CM-Guard and set the input to ‘normally closed’.

    The Mobeye CM4000 (CM-Guard) is a battery operated GSM dialler. If an input is activated an alarm will be sent by SMS and / or call to max. 5 contact persons.Mobeye CM-Guard CM4000 is the control unit and alarm dialer for monitoring any technical installation | MobeyeStore

  3. Configure at least one telephone number to which the unit sends an alert if the wire breaks.

    SMS command 1st telephone number: TEL1:
    For example: 1111 TEL1:07123456789

  4. Ensure that the CM-Guard is placed at a dry place, or use an outdoor enclosure.

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