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Solar Panel Protection: How to Make a Solar Panel Alarm

Solar panel theft is a growing concern. This Mobeye DIY alarm system is designed to safeguard your solar panels by triggering an alarm in the event of a theft attempt.

Imagine this: you’ve made a significant investment in solar panels to achieve a favourable return on investment and contribute to environmental preservation. Then, to your dismay, a few panels are stolen. Sometimes, it’s as simple as removing two screws.

Solar Panel Protection

Mobeye comes to the rescue by providing a DIY warning system. Creating this alarm system is straightforward and requires only the Mobeye CM-Guard and a conductive wire. The solar panel alarm will alert you when there is any tampering or an attempted removal of your solar panels. The principle is simple: in the event of an attempted theft, the wire will break or be cut, triggering an instant notification on your mobile phone. The unit runs on batteries for over a year, and you will receive a notification when the battery voltage drops to a low level.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Mobeye CM-Guard: A battery-operated GSM alarm dialer with two NO/NC inputs.
  • Conductive wire: Use an (isolated) copper wire or any other conductive wire.
  • Optional: outdoor enclosure.

Security Simplified!

How to Create a Solar Panel Alarm

Time needed: 15 minutes

To create a solar panel alarm, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. During the solar panel installation, create a loop using a conductive wire.

    Utilise an (isolated) copper wire or any other conductive wire.

  2. Connect the wire ends to one of the inputs of the Mobeye CM-Guard and set the input to ‘normally closed’.

    The Mobeye CM4000 (CM-Guard) is a battery-operated GSM dialler. When an input is activated, it sends an alarm via SMS and/or calls up to five designated contacts.Mobeye CM-Guard CM4000 is the control unit and alarm dialer for monitoring any technical installation | MobeyeStore

  3. Configure at least one telephone number to which the unit will send an alert if the wire is broken.

    SMS command 1st telephone number: TEL1:
    For example: 1111 TEL1:07123456789

  4. Place the device.

    Ensure that the CM-Guard is placed in a dry location or use an outdoor enclosure for added protection.

With these simple steps, you can enhance the security of your solar panels and have peace of mind knowing that you’ll be alerted to any tampering or theft attempts.

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