Support sheet CM-products

Need support for your Mobeye CM2 device?

If you did not get your support issue for your CM2 series device answered in the manual, please follow the steps below to get it working.

In case no SMS/phone call was received

  1. Make sure you have a 2/2.5G Sim card, which is able to send SMS text messages and call. Some providers offer connectivity to 3G/4G only.
  2. Establish network connection:

Replace the batteries. The LED outside will first blink red/green. At this moment it is establishing a network connection. As soon as the network was found, the LED outside will blink green, 1 second on 1 second off to show that the first telephone number (TEL1) needs to be entered. In case the TEL1 was set before, the LED will turn on.

Battery-operated unit:

During 2 minutes the GSM module remains ‘open’, able to receive SMS commands. After not having received commands during two minutes, it closes to save the batteries. Only when necessary (for instance to send an alarm), it opens and establishes network connection.

Unit with external power supply:

The GSM module is always ‘open’, to receive SMS commands and send alarm messages. In case the power falls away, the batteries take over the functionality, a ‘power failure message’ could be sent.

In case the unit is not able to send SMS text message or call

  1. Try the SIM card in a ‘normal telephone’; let the telephone send an SMS and call. Verify the PIN code: it should be ‘empty’ or set to 0000.
  2. Send an SMS-command to the mobile phone number in the unit, for example: 1111 SET? (where 1111 stands for the code (factory code: 1111). At the moment the unit receives the command, the LED will blink green 3 times and send back the list of settings. In this way you are sure the SIM card in the unit works and the GSM network is available.
  3. Please check the list of settings: the SMS and CALL should be set to ‘ON’ (or at least one of them).
  4. Check if the telephone number (TEL1) was typed in well. In case the unit does not SMS or phone: please enter the country code (e.g. +44) to the TEL1…TEL5.
  5. Check if the small SIM card cover was closed neatly (slight push it up after closing)
  6. Check if the are the batteries new/full.

In case no alarm seems to be triggered

  1. Check if the system was armed by the on ON/OFF button. The LED in armed battery operated systems will blink once per 3 seconds. The LED in armed (externally) powered systems is turned on.

In case the LED keeps blinking twice every 3 seconds

Blinking twice every 3 seconds means the GSM network connection cannot be established. This could have to do with the SIM card of with the network strength in place.

  1. Try if the SIM card works in a ‘normal’ phone; check the network strength on the display. In case it shows a weak network, this could be the reason. In that case a SIM card of another (stronger) provider is advised.
  2. Try the same unit/SIM card at another location (where the network strength will be different).
  3. In case the network remains a problem, an external antenna could be used. For this the antenna connector needs to be replaced as well. Please ask Mobeye.
  4. In case of the ‘suspicion’ of weak network, perform the GSM network strength test (see manual). Above this, let the module send a daily test message for about two weeks. Once the units has shown good behaviour over a longer period, the frequency can be set to lower (of no message).

LED behaviour outside LED

LED pattern (outside)Status Required action
Blinking green, 1 second on / 1 second offModule not configuredConfigure at least one telephone number
1 green flash every 3 secondsModule is switched on, powered by batteriesNo action required
Green LED stays on continuouslyModule is switched on, powered by an external sourceNo action required
Flashing red/ green every secondModule establishes network connectionWait until the network connection is established
2 flashes red, every 3 secondsNo GSM connectionTry the SIM card in any mobile telephone; replace SIM card using other telecom provider; try the module at another location
3 flashes red, every 3 secondsNo valid SIM card or wrong PINTry the SIM card in any mobile telephone; remove PIN code; check credit; replace SIM card
Blinking 3 times greenSuccessful programming actionNo action required
Blinking 5 times redFaulty programming actionCheck SMS command
4 red flashes, every 3 secondsLow batteriesReplace both batteries


LED behaviour inside LED

LED pattern (inside)Status GSM module            Required action
Inside LED offGSM module is switched off on purpose or GSM module is busy (calling)No action required
Inside LED green, switching off shortly every 3 secondsGSM module connected to the networkNo action required
Inside LED blinking green, 1 second on / 1 second offGSM module establishes network connectionWait until the network connection is established. Check the outside LED behaviour for additional information.
Inside LED on continuouslyGSM module was switched off because of GSM failureChange the batteries, the voltage  may be too low

In case the above instructions do not help to make the system work like you expected, please send us a message via our contact form, containing the results of the steps as described above.