Which Battery Brand is Best for Mobeye Products?

In Mobeye products 3,0V lithium batteries CR123 are used, also known as CR123a.

Which battery brand is best for Mobeye products?

The CR123(a) battery is a cylinder shaped battery, with a (+) nub cylinder end and a (−) flat opposite end. While the CR123 battery type is readily accessible in specialty stores and online shops, it’s important to note that characteristics may vary across different brands. Regrettably, there are brands that may not be well-suited for Mobeye battery-powered alarm and monitoring systems due to variations in the peak current they can deliver after use.

Using incorrect batteries primarily results in significantly shorter battery life and may lead to the system occasionally being unable to transmit a ‘low batteries’ message. Consequently, this significantly impacts the operation of the Mobeye device.

How to choose the best battery brand

We recommend the following battery brands for use in Mobeye systems:

We advise against the use of the following brands in Mobeye systems:

  • Philips
  • Duracell

How to put batteries in correctly

This video will guide you through the process of installing batteries in a Mobeye CM2 series alarm and monitoring device (e.g., Mobeye CM2000, CM2100, CM2200, CM2300). Ensure that you use only the specified type of batteries mentioned above.

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