Mobeye ThermoGuard Series

The Mobeye ThermoGuard is a compact remote monitoring unit for reporting and logging of temperature values. The ThermoGuard is available in various versions.

The temperature detectors are used in medical applications in the refrigeration, cooling and heat industry, in pharmaceutical applications, the IT sector, vacant buildings and various consumer applications.
These alarm modules are equipped with reliable external digital temperature probes for valid measurements of the ambient temperature. When the measured value is outside the set limits, an alarm will occur via the built-in GSM detector. For sites without power the Mobeye ThermoGuard offers a solution.

“The Mobeye ThermoGuard does exactly what it has to do!”


Mobeye ThermoGuard

The Mobeye ThermoGuard CM2200 is a simple and excellent instrument for temperature measurement. The module can run on its batteries which makes the compact product work autonomously. In an easy way the upper and lower limits for the temperature are set. As soon as the ambient temperature gets out-of-range, the GSM temperature messenger alerts the user-defined alarm numbers via SMS text messages and/or a phone call. Although the Mobeye ThermoGuard has been designed for an extreme low power consumption and it runs on its batteries for more than a year, an external power supply could be used as well. A maximum of five numbers can be preset in this GSM dialler. The temperature can be set between -35 en + 70 degrees Celsius.

Mobeye ThermoGuard TwinLog

The Mobeye ThermoGuard TwinLog CML2255 is a compact remote monitoring unit for reporting and logging of temperature values. When user-defined minimum and/or maximum temperatures are violated, the CML2255 will immediately send alarm notifications. The measured values can be logged and viewed in the (optional) web-based portal. The Mobeye CML2275 is a solid and compact unit for monitoring temperatures in industrial, pharmaceutical, retail, and other professional environments. The CML2285 has a display to read temperatures. It will send alarm messages to preset phone numbers and mail addresses and it will log the measured data in a web-based portal