Mobeye CM4500LA Communication Module for the NightWatch

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Addition for the LivAssured NightWatch epilepsy alarm.
Communication module for remote alarm.

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Mobeye CM4500LA Communication module for the NightWatch

Communication kit for telephone alarm from the LivAssured NightWatch epilepsy alarm to informal caregivers and professional care providers.

The CML4500LA, developed by Mobeye in collaboration with LivAssured, the creators of the epilepsy alarm, is a ready-to-use kit that seamlessly connects to the NightWatch base station. It comes with pre-prepared cabling and includes a SIM card. Additionally, the first year of communication costs is covered, with a subsequent monthly charge of €4 (plus VAT in the EU) after the initial year.

Please note that shipping costs for UK customers are €30 (GBP 27.60). For shipping costs to other countries, please refer to our website.

How it Works

When the NightWatch epilepsy bracelet detects a seizure, an acoustic signal is triggered on the base station, and the Mobeye CM4500LA promptly sends a message to the designated contact persons. This remote notification allows caregivers to respond promptly.

In the event of an epileptic seizure, the system works as follows:

  1. When a seizure is detected, a message is promptly transmitted via the base station to the CM4500LA.
  2. The designated contacts receive a clear signal, either in the form of an app message or a phone call.
  3. With the app message option, you have a choice between sending a group message to all contacts simultaneously or implementing an escalation plan. In the escalation plan, a “confirmation” from a recipient prevents the app message from being forwarded to the next contact in the list.

The CM4500LA ensures that caregivers and responders are promptly informed and can take appropriate action in case of a seizure.

The Set-Up

The setup and configuration are straightforward:

  1. Register the SIM card and the device on the Mobeye Internet Portal.
  2. Plug the cable into the base station and the adapter into a wall socket.
  3. Optionally, install the Mobeye Message app.
  4. Configure the contacts and specify the preferred type of notification (app, call, SMS).
  5. Conduct a test with the bracelet.

By following these steps, you can ensure seamless communication and quick response in case of an epileptic seizure. The steps for setup are clearly explained in the provided Quick Guide.

Free App for Alarm Reception on Your Smartphone

The Mobeye Messages App is available for free download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Technical data


  • CM4500LA
  • Cabling to NightWatch base station
  • Country-specific AC adaptor
  • SIM card
  • Quick Guide and User Manual


  • Epilepsy alarm upon detection by bracelet
  • Panic alarm after manual operation by pressing the button
  • View retrospectively when the epilepsy alarm was passed on

Alarm messages

  • To self-selectable contacts via app message, call, SMS and/or e-mail
  • possibly to a private control room (PAC)

Setting options

  • contacts (unlimited number) for alarm and service messages, message texts, test interval (keep-alive), ARC, etc.


  • push button
  • 2x NO/NC input (potential-free)
  • 1x 12-24V DC (+/- 2V)

Power supply

  • Country-specific AC adaptor (included and connected)


  • 94 x 94 x 28 mm


  • 4G LTE-M (worldwide) + 2G EGSM Quad band

The Mobeye SIM card and Internet Portal take care of the alarm forwarding to contact persons, providing extensive functionality and optimum security. The 4G LTE-M network is very reliable and ensures a strong penetration against low energy consumption. 2G is available as a fallback.
Note: the CM4500LA does not provide an internet connection for the NightWatch.

Background information NightWatch

The Dutch company LivAssured is the manufacturer of the epilepsy alarm NightWatch. This alarm consists of a bracelet that is worn around the upper arm and a base station. For more information and purchase of the NightWatch alarm, we would like to refer you to the website of


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