Low Power PIR Sensor (MPIR-LP)

Brand: Mobeye

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MPIR-LP is a wired, battery-operated, low power PIR motion sensor with pet immunity, for use with Mobeye products.

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Power input



1 CR123 (included)


97 x 65 x 78 mm

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Mobeye Low Power PIR motion sensor

The MPIR-LP is a 12x12m indoor passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor that operates entirely on battery power, making it suitable for low-power applications. This PIR motion detector can seamlessly connect to any NO/NC input, combining the highly reliable Optex PIR with the battery-powered Mobeye communication technology.

The Mobeye movement detector serves as a valuable addition to your Mobeye alarm system. This battery-powered PIR sensor can be easily integrated into an alarm system, triggering an alarm notification the moment it detects motion. Enhancing the overall functionality of your Mobeye device, the MPIR-LP motion detector, when wired to your device, efficiently detects movements. The primary Mobeye unit then promptly sends out alarm messages via call or SMS.

Low Power PIR Sensor

Notably, the MPIR boasts an exceptionally low power consumption, enabling it to operate for several years on its internal battery. Integration is seamless – connecting the MPIR to one of the ‘normally open’ inputs of the Mobeye alarm system, given its normally open contact feature.

Installation flexibility is key; the MPIR can be conveniently mounted on either the wall or ceiling. With a detection range spanning an 85° angle and covering 12 meters, it provides reliable coverage. The Mobeye Low Power PIR motion sensor MPIR-LP comes complete with 1.5 meters of cabling, extendable with conductive wire if needed. The battery is included in the delivery, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient solution for your security needs.

Key Features

  • PIR with a white housing
  • Technology: combination of Optex and Mobeye technology
  • Detection range: 12 x 12 m, 85° angle
  • Dimensions: 97 x 65 x 78 mm
  • 1.5 m of supplied wiring
  • Battery-operated
  • Batteries:  1 * CR123 (included)

Technical Data

Detection method: Passive infrared
Detection range: 12 x 12 m, 85° angle
Sensitivity: Pet immune
Mounting height:  1,5 – 2,4 m
Connection: 2-core wire (1,5m included)
Dimensions: 97 x 65 x 78 mm
Use: Inside
Power supply: 1x CR123 (included)
Battery lifetime:  5 years, dependent on use
Technology: Combination of Optex and Mobeye technology


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