alarm dialer

Mobeye alarm dialers allow you to remotely monitor and control your equipment and systems through the mobile phone network. The status or alarms are reported instantly by Mobeye alarm auto dialers. When an alarm event occurs at your home or business, Mobeye 2G GSM / 4G LTE-M alarm dialers call or text your phone or alarm receiving centre. Because the system reacts instantly when your alarm goes off, you will never miss an alarm event.

Mobeye devices accept a wide variety of sensors that can be configured to monitor and report immediately when values are outside of the normal range, whether you want to measure temperature, voltage, humidity, tank levels, or detect the presence of liquids, smoke, or motion.

The sensors are always active, and the built-in communication module will alert you if there is a risk. The alarm can be delivered via the app, SMS, voice call, or email. Some alarm dialers can retrieve current status and logged history files. Consider the Mobeye SISTM CML2015, which is intended for industrial use.

The measurement and alarm modules work completely independently. The alarm and switch modules are completely self-sufficient due to their low power design and built-in batteries. The majority of models can also be powered by an external source.

Mobeye cellular alarm dialers do more than just detect. Alarm reports can be customised, and output relays can be activated remotely or after an alarm situation by selecting an alarm and switch model.

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Showing all 5 results