battery operated wired PIR motion sensor

Low Power PIR Sensor (MPIR-LP)

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MPIR -LP PIR motion sensor. Low power motion detector, to be used in combination with Mobeye products.

  • Power input: battery-operated
  • Batteries: 2x AAA included

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Mobeye Low Power PIR motion sensor

PIR (low power) (MPIR-LP) is a low-power PIR motion sensor which is fully battery-operated. It can be connected to any NO/NC input. We recommend it as an accessory to the Mobeye Argos, to have a second motion detector and still use the Mobeye Argos as battery-operated system.

The Mobeye Low Power PIR motion sensor MPIR-LP comes with 1.5 meter cabling. Any copper wire can be used as extension to place the MPIR-LP farther away from the main system. The PIR has a normally open contact, which is suitable for the Mobeye Argos. The detection range is a 110º angle, and it overlook 15 m. The batteries are included in the delivery.

The motion detector makes your Mobeye device even more complete. By simply wiring this passive infrared detector (PIR) to your device, movements will be detected. The main Mobeye GSM unit will send out alarm messages (call/SMS). The PIR has an extremely low power consumption and runs on the internal batteries for many years. Just wire the low power PIR to the input of any Mobeye device, to be set as ‘normally open’ contact. The SMS text can be configured in the way you want. Depending on the device an entry or exit delay is possible. A ceiling / wall mounting bracket is provided for easy installation and adjustment.

The MPIR should not be directed at heat sources such as the sun or a heater.

Note: Mobeye Argos will not detect and alert when the batteries of the MPIR are low. Check regularly if the batteries are still working properly.

Key features

  • PIR, white housing
  • Detection: 110º angle, 15 m
  • Size: 112 x 67 x 46 mm
  • 1.5 m wiring supplied
  • Battery operated
  • Batteries: 2 * AAA (included)

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