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Expanding Security Horizons with Cellular Monitoring Systems

Cellular monitoring systems

In the realm of security, there are unique challenges to address, especially in remote locations where traditional landline telephone and Internet connections may not be practical. This is where Mobeye’s cellular-based monitoring, alarm, and alert systems step in as the versatile solution. These innovative devices find application across a diverse spectrum, including farming, medical, pharmaceutical, commercial operations, golf courses, campuses, cottages, vacation homes, remote properties, as well as well and water facilities.

The Versatility of Cellular-Based Monitoring Systems

Let’s explore how cellular-based monitoring systems cater to the specific needs of these various sectors:

1. Farming and Agriculture

In agriculture, where remote fields and equipment are common, cellular monitoring systems provide a vital link to track essential parameters. These systems keep a vigilant eye on power failures, ensuring that critical equipment remains operational. They also monitor temperature levels, enabling farmers to protect sensitive crops and livestock. When temperature, water and flood conditions threaten, cellular-based monitoring systems offer timely alerts, allowing farmers to take preventive measures promptly. An example is our Mobeye Frost Alert that sends frost warnings when temperatures drop too low.

2. Medical and Pharmaceutical Facilities

In the realm of healthcare, cellular monitoring plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of medical and pharmaceutical products. Temperature-sensitive medications and vaccines require stringent monitoring. Cellular systems ensure that these products are stored within the specified temperature ranges, sending immediate alerts if deviations occur. This capability is invaluable in safeguarding public health. The Mobeye ThermoGuard CM4200 provides temperature alarms and power failure notifications through phone calls, emails, and SMS text messages. The ThermoGuard CML4255 and CML4275 can accommodate two sensors and allow you to log and access medicinal storage information online. 

3. Commercial Applications

In the commercial sector, especially in remote offices or facilities, cellular monitoring systems provide a robust security net. They continuously track power availability, helping businesses avoid costly downtime due to power failures. Additionally, these systems offer data logging, maintaining a comprehensive record of sensor data like temperature and humidity for both internal management and external auditing purposes.

4. Recreational Properties and Cottages

For those seeking peace and tranquillity in vacation homes, cottages, or remote properties, cellular-based monitoring brings peace of mind. These systems keep you informed about your property’s well-being, sending text or email alerts if any sensors detect abnormal conditions. Whether it’s monitoring for temperature drops during the winter months or keeping an eye on potential flooding, our 4G/2G monitoring systems ensure your getaway remains secure and worry-free.

5. Golf Courses and Campuses

Golf courses and sprawling campuses have expansive grounds to oversee. Cellular monitoring systems help maintain the safety and functionality of these spaces. By monitoring environmental conditions and equipment status, these systems can preemptively address issues, such as irrigation system failures, ensuring the smooth operation of these facilities.


In scenarios where conventional communication methods are impractical, Mobeye’s cellular-based monitoring, alarm, and alert systems prove to be the lifeline for security and peace of mind. Whether it’s monitoring power, temperature, water, or flood conditions, these systems offer a resilient solution that operates over cellular networks. With the capability to send alerts via our App, text, or email when sensors detect anomalies or when power fails, they empower individuals and organisations to stay proactive in safeguarding their assets.

Moreover, the option for data logging ensures a comprehensive record of sensor data, making these systems an invaluable tool for both immediate security concerns and long-term analysis. In a world where connectivity is key, cellular-based monitoring systems bridge the gap, offering a reliable and adaptable solution to diverse security challenges, even in the most remote locations.

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