Flat Extension Cable, 1m (AC-EC2)

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AC-EC2 Extension Cable: 1m flat cable for sensors. This cable facilitates convenient sensor installation through a refrigerator door gasket. Suitable for Mobeye temperature sensors AC-TS-E1 and AC-TS-E2.

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Flat extension cable AC-EC2

Flat extension cable AC-EC2, suitable for Mobeye temperature sensors AC-TS-E1 and AC-TS-E2 and water leakage sensor AC-WS-LS1. This cable can be used for easy mounting of the sensor through a refrigerator door gasket.

The connector fits directly onto the sensors. Length: 1 meter flat cable.

Extension cable AC-EC2 is a good quality standard digital extension cable that can also be used for other applications. The flat design makes this cable versatile and suitable for various situations where space constraints or cable aesthetics are a concern. Flat extension cables are valued for their ability to provide functionality while minimizing the visual impact of cables in different environments.


  • extension cable
  • length: 1 meter
  • flat cable
  • 3-pins
  • 3mm, M/F.
  • suitable for AC-TS-E1, AC-TS-E2

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