Digital Temperature Sensor 10m (AC-TS-E2)

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AC-TS-E2 Temperature sensor with a 10 meter cable.

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Cable length

10 m

Temperature range

optimal performance: -30 to +50 degrees Celsius

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Digital temperature sensor AC-TS-E2 is a highly accurate sensor that can be used in combination with all Mobeye temperature devices.

The temperature sensor AC-TS-E2 has a digital temperature probe. Cable length is 1000 centimeters. The cable is extendible up to 20 meters with extension cables.

Digital sensors versus RTD sensors

Mobeye chooses for a digital sensor for reasons of both accuracy and customer convenience.

Resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), such as the PT100 and PT1000 sensors, must regularly be calibrated. The digital temperature sensor does not need calibration. The digital sensor element is equipped with a high precision ADC and an on-chip DSP core with a memory to precisely calibrate the output temperature signal.

The temperature sensors are fully tested and factory-based calibrated sensors to allow absolute measurement accuracy at delivery and eliminates further calibration efforts.

The digital technology also eliminates the influence of cable resistance, which allows a cable extension up to 20 meters.

The AC-TS-E2 is suitable for the Mobeye ThermoGuard CM4200, CombiGuard CM4600, ThermoGuard TwinLog CML4255 and ThermoGuard TwinLog CML4275.

Typical applications for digital temperature sensor

The optimal performance is in the range between -30°C and +50°C, which makes it extremely suitable for temperature measurement in building automation, medical and pharma technologies, food, industrial and mobile applications.


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