Float Level Switch (AC-WS-FS1)

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The Float level switch AC-WS-FS1 is a versatile and reliable device designed for horizontal mounting, primarily used for monitoring water levels in various applications. Suitable for use in combination with Mobeye products.

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Mobeye Float Level Switch for Water and Acids

The float level switch AC-WS-FS1 is a versatile and reliable device designed for horizontal mounting, primarily used for monitoring water levels in various applications. This float level switch integrates seamlessly with Mobeye products that have potential-free input, such as the Mobeye WaterGuard CM4300FS.

The Mobeye AC-WS-FS1 detects water and water-based liquids, including acids, ensuring versatility. Ideal for use in water tanks. This float level switch can serve as a secondary water level sensor, providing redundancy and ensuring multiple data points for enhanced accuracy.

The durable polypropylene and nylon components resist chemicals, while the silicone nut and sealing guarantee waterproof reliability, even when submerged, making it an ideal solution for various environments.

How Does the Float Level Switch Work

The horizontal float level switch consists of a reed switch, a magnet and a float. When aligned horizontally, the movable part (the float) will hang down, and the rising water level will close it. Closing the magnet results in a closed loop. It is possible to install the switch as a normally open (NO) or, conversely, as a normally closed (NC). With an NC mounting, the water level will open the switch.

The side mounted float liquid level switch operates through a combination of a reed switch, a magnet, and a float. In its horizontal orientation, the float, a movable component, hangs down. As the water level rises, the float is closed, bringing the magnet into alignment with the reed switch. This closure creates a closed loop. Notably, the float switch can be configured for either normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) operation. In an NC installation, the water level triggers the opening of the switch.

Compatibility-wise, the float switch can integrate seamlessly with systems featuring NO/NC input requirements. The cable length is set at 200 centimetres, with the option for extension if needed. This design provides versatility, making it suitable for various applications where precise control over liquid levels is paramount.


If there is no attachment point for the switch, we recommend mounting an auxiliary rod with a hole as an attachment point.



  1. Residential Water Tanks: Ensure a consistent water supply for your home with the Mobeye WaterGuard CM4300FS installed in your water tank. Real-time water level data allows you to plan refills and address potential issues promptly.
  2. Industrial Liquids: In industrial settings where precise monitoring of liquids is paramount, this switch shines. Prevent overflows, leaks, and costly downtime with reliable liquid level detection.
  3. Chemical Storage: The AC-WS-FS1’s ability to detect water-based liquids, including acids, makes it an ideal choice for chemical storage facilities. Add an extra layer of protection against accidental spills or leaks.
  4. Environmental Monitoring: Utilise this float switch in environmental monitoring systems to track water levels in reservoirs, rivers, and other bodies of water. It aids in flood prediction and ensures accurate data collection for research purposes.


  • Suitable for: water and acids
  • Contact: reed (NO or NC)
  • Material: polypropylene, nylon and silicone (nut and sealing)
  • Fixing method: horizontal
  • Fixing size: M16X2
  • Dimensions: 81 mm width, height (open) max. 43 mm
  • Wire length: 2 metres. Extendable with 2-wire conductive
  • Temperature: -10º C to 80º C
  • Max. voltage: max. switching voltage 1A / 50V



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