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Float Level Switch (AC-WS-FS1)

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Float switch AC-WS-FS1 for horizontal mounting. Suitable for use in combination with Mobeye products.

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Float level switch AC-WS-FS1 for horizontal mounting. Suitable for use in combination with Mobeye products, e.g. as a second water level sensor for the Mobeye Water Detector MS300 or the Mobeye WaterGuard CM2300FS.

The Mobeye AC-WS-FS1 helps to detect water and water-based liquids (acids). Ideal for use in water tanks.

The material is polypropylene, nylon and silicone (nut and sealing).

How does the float level switch work

A horizontal float switch consists of a reed switch, a magnet and a float. If horizontally aligned, the movable part (the float) hangs down, and the rising water level will close it. The closing of the magnet results in a closed loop. It is possible to install the switch as a normally open (NO) or, vice versa, as a normally closed (NC). In an NC mounting, the water level will open the switch.

The float switch can be used with any system with NO / NC input. Cable length is 200 centimeters. An extension is possible.


If no attachment point for the switch is available, we recommend to mount an auxiliary rod with a hole as fixing point.


  • Suitable for: water and acids
  • Contact: reed (NO or NC)
  • Material: polypropylene, nylon and silicone (nut and sealing)
  • Fixing method: horizontal
  • Fixing size: M16X2
  • Dimensions: 81 mm width, height (open) max. 43 mm
  • Wire length: 2 meter. Extendable with 2-wire conductive
  • Temperature: -10º C to 80º C
  • Max. voltage: max. switching voltage 1A / 50V


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