External Antenna Kit, SMA Mushroom Antenna, 30cm Cable

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External antenna kits to boost the network signal to your cellular device. The kit replaces the internal antenna. It enables you to move the antenna to a location where the reception is better, whilst the device remains at the location where it needs to monitor your valuables.

  • Connector: UFL female – SMA male
  • Cable length: 30 cm
  • Gain: 2 dBi
  • Article: AC-AN-MBC30cm

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External Antenna Kit, SMA Mushroom Antenna, 30cm Cable

Each Mobeye product has an internal antenna, which should be good enough for standard situations. But if you have a bad network reach or you created a Faraday cage by placing the device in a metal box or container, it is advised to bring the antenna to an outside location. By replacing the internal antenna by an external one, the communication could be much more reliable. You’ll find several options for the cable length in the MobeyeStore.

If you are going to purchase a new Mobeye device, just order this item in the same basket. We’ll prepare the unit with the external antenna connector and you will receive the unit ready-to-use. If you already possess a device, you could order the set as add-on kit. We will send you the instruction how to change it. But please be aware that it requires some technical skills to do the make-over. You will have to drill a little hole in the enclosure and you’ll have to use a screwdriver to temporarily remove the PCB. If you know you shouldn’t do this yourselves, please contact us to discuss the procedure how we can help you anyway.


The external antenna kit is also available with 250cm and 10m cable.


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